Fernando Tatis Jr.: “There is no one else to blame but myself (…) I made a mistake”

The Dominican player made his first media appearance after being suspended for violating MLB’s performance-enhancing substance protocol.

The most awaited moment since the 80-game suspension of Fernando Tatis Jr. has arrived. After much speculation, the shortstop from San Diego Padrestogether with the group manager, AJ Prellerhad a meeting with the press at Petco Park, where “The NINo” gave his version of what happened regarding his positive test to clostebol.

During his explanation, Tatis Jr. noted that he has been dealing with a skin infection for a couple of months. She started treatment with the medicine called Trophobol (which among its ingredients has the substance clostebol) to treat the condition. He admitted that said medicine was sent to him from the Dominican Republicwhere you can buy it at any pharmacy (contrary to what happens in USA) and used it without consulting the medical staff of the Fatherswhich releases them from any responsibility regarding how you obtained the medicine.

Additionally, he noted that his positive test came in late July. “It was a stupid mistake, it was me being reckless (…) i regret all this”, Tatis told the press.

The Dominican made it clear that the test results have nothing to do with his talent for playing baseball and what he did before the positive, but he understands that he has given the perfect excuse to others to think so. He in turn promised to put on a better show in the future for the fans and that he will do everything humanly possible to redeem himself to them.

There’s no one else to blame but myself (…) I made a mistake. I’m going to remember what this feels like and I’m not going to put myself in this position ever again. I know I’ll have to do a lot to get love back (of the fandom). I have a lot of work to do, it will be a very long process”, he added.

Regarding the meeting with his teammates and the criticism he received from some of them, he pointed out that he understands the situation and that no one has been more critical of himself than him.

i really understand (The critics). I’ve said harsher things to myself in front of the mirror”.

However, he also added that his peers stand behind him and that he has asked for their help to keep him mature and responsible in the future.

It has been difficult. I have struggled, I have made mistakes, but I will learn from this. I have received a lot of support and love from my colleagues”, he added.

Fernando Tatis Jr. will miss the remainder of the 2022 season and the first 33 games of the 2023 campaign after MLB determined that the player had violated its anti-doping policy. The Dominican will lose about three million dollars due to the suspension and will not be eligible to play in this year’s postseason if his team were to qualify.

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Fernando Tatis Jr.: “There is no one else to blame but myself (…) I made a mistake”