The youth that were summoned by the Mexican National Team and the United States in the same week

James Arteaga and Joshua Santiago join the list of players competing in Mexico and the United States

James Arteaga Y Joshua Santiago, from Los Angeles FC, received the call from their two countries in the same week. In nine days, the two U16 youth had to be concentrated with representatives of USA Y Mexicoin one more chapter of the fight between these two countries for soccer players with dual nationality.

James Arteaga is a skilled attacker who excels at LAFC, while Joshua Santiago he is a defender who has several videos on Youtubein which his performance with the Los Angeles, California team is perceived.

The two footballers have dual nationality and were called to concentrate with the Mexican team Y USA in the same week.

“We are aware and we know of the quality of the two young people, we are following up and they are considered,” commented a source from the Mexican teamabout the case of the two players.

James Arteaga Y Joshua Santiago they must have concentrated Mexico from Monday the 15th to the 18th of August, the day on which they were released by the Tricolor so that they could heed the call of the USA.

Santiago and Arteaga were considered by the United States National Team Sub 16, for a camp that began on August 18 and ends on August 24, in which they would also be observed by the country of the Stars and Stripes, in an attempt to get soccer players to choose them over Mexico.

“Both of them are boys who have stood out and we had good things from them, they are still very young, so you have to follow them for a long time. Over the years we will see if they come with Mexico either USAwe do not pressure them”, commented the consulted source.

Mexico Y USA They continue in the competition for Mexican-American talent, in which there are now two under 16 youth who represented both countries in the same week.

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The youth that were summoned by the Mexican National Team and the United States in the same week