Brett Favre: 49ers should keep Jimmy Garoppolo

The San Francisco 49ers they chose Trey Lance as the starting quarterback over Jimmy Garoppolo for the 2022 NFL season, but the legendary Brett Favre considers that the Californian team has made a mistake.

In interview with, Favre explained why he thinks it’s a mistake to have Lance behind center instead of Garoppolo.

“In my personal opinion, I would choose Garoppolo. Not spectacular, he wasn’t a first round pick and that’s not attacking Trey Lance, but what Jimmy has done is win, win and win again. He’s not glamorous, but he has put the 49ers in position to contend for the Super Bowl every year. and he deserves to continue playing”; Favre sentenced.

Not everything the former Packers QB said about Lance was bad, as you are aware of the potential of the North Dakota State product. However, he prioritizes the winning ability of ‘Jimmy G’.

There’s tremendous potential with Trey, no doubt about it., but (Garoppolo) is a proven winner and that is sometimes dismissed. Is it a winner? Jimmy Garoppolo is definitely a winner,” declared the winner of Super Bowl XXXI.

Since Jimmy Garoppolo came to the San Francisco Bay the quarterback has a record of 31-14 and has 11,162 yards, 71 touchdown passes, 38 interceptions and was sacked 97 times.

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Similar destinations

Despite the difference in statistics and Super Bowl wins, both Garoppolo and Favre seem to have similar fates.

Favre’s last game with the Packersbefore the franchise decided to give the reins of the offense to Aaron Rodgers, it was the 2007 NFC Championship Game where the New York Giants were victorious and eventually beat the New England Patriots in SB XLII.

For its part, ‘Jimmy G”s last commitment was the 2021 NFC Championship Game. In that matchup, the Rams outscored the Niners before winning Super Bowl LVI.

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Brett Favre: 49ers should keep Jimmy Garoppolo