David Price also tells the Dodgers they can count on him!

When everything seemed like dark clouds in the sky to Dodgers Los Angeles, many believed that calling David price to a spot in the starting rotation was an insane gesture.

There are also those who questioned Dave Roberts, on the opposite sidewalk, for not giving him more pitches in games.

Practice has shown that the strategy was correct.

David price he just made a luxury start, with 5.2 innings pitched and 4 hits allowed, two of them homers that led to three touchdowns, one of them by a runner inherited by reliever Phil Bickford who could not contain.

The question begs, how luxurious if he allowed three runs?

Well, it’s simple, two races were due to specific failures of a launch each time they went beyond the limits of the field. And the third, his only participation was putting him in first with the only walk of the night.

Maybe he had an inning left in his game plan and should have given way after five completions. Until the closing of that inning, 40% of his pitches had been called strike or failed swing by the batters, while when he left the game the percentage decreased to 36.

The sixth inning (2 runs allowed with home run and walks) was not his turn in his conversion process.

David he threw 74 pitches, 8 more than last time, and he’s still walking and delivering. The sinker hit him at 95 mph and was his primary weapon, although from experience he never set aside alternative pitches. The correct mix is ​​the key to the result.

One less problem apparently on the way to October for the Dodgers of the Angels. David price you are starting to make your salary profitable.