Why might there be a frenzy brewing at the winter meetings, and who might sign in San Diego?

Why might there be a frenzy brewing at the winter

Just a year and a day ago, the wildest 24 hours in baseball free agency history unfolded. With the inevitability of a league lockout imposing an artificial deadline on transactions, teams scrambled to sign free agents and over a 24-hour period, Nov. 28-29, guaranteeing nearly a billion dollars. Dollars. No urgency has appeared this offseason. … Read more

Heavy on Lions Reveals Post-Free Agency Frenzy Mock Draft 3.0 – Home

Heavy on Lions Reveals Post Free Agency Frenzy Mock Draft 30

ads Getty Treylon Burks is running for a big play in 2020 for Arkansas. The NFL offseason has winded down after a free-agent frenzy, so the next few weeks will be filled with waiting and anticipation for the Detroit Lions ahead of the big moments of the 2022 draft. After the Lions have enjoyed a … Read more

Why MLB seems headed for a lockout and how that will create a frenzy among free agents

CARLSBAD, California – Here in paradise, a place where the sun shines every available hour, a blanket of darkness was omnipresent this week. Almost all substantive conversations at Major League Baseball managers meetings concerned, or, very often, focused on the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement on December 1, which would be followed by a … Read more