MLB News: Dansby Swanson not surprised by Braves departure and explains why?

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The Newly signed Chicago Cubs shortstop Dansby Swansonadmitted last Wednesday that he was disappointed but not surprised that a reunion with the Atlanta Braves was not in the cards and so he said: There are deep roots there, but at the end of the day, I got really close (to Atlanta) in the offseason … … Read more

MLB News: Why aren’t the Braves looking to bring back Dansby Swanson?

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The days go by and dansby swanson still available in the free agency and I don’t know where or when Atlanta Braves could get it back. This situation has caused surprise in the fans for what the short stop has represented for the team. If you know of Swanson’s talent,why the tribe’ hasn’t taken it … Read more

Is Dansby Swanson drifting further away from the Braves?

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Remember when I wrote that maybe Dansby Swanson’s time in free agency would be very different from what happened with Freddie Freeman last year? Well, I’m starting to think there’s no “maybe” about it. A month ago I thought Swanson would still be in Atlanta. And while that’s still a possibility, it no longer feels … Read more