Yusuf Demir, the little light of Barcelona in the shadows of Bilbao

BARCELONA – Yusuf Demir became the official candidate to succeed Pedri at Koeman’s Barça on Saturday. Eleven months ago, on September 27, 2020, the Canarian to whom the coach had advised a loan in his first talk made his debut in the league debut against Villarreal at the Camp Nou, replacing Coutinho at 70 minutes and presenting a figure that it ended up becoming indisputable. Assuming the same with Demir seems audacious out of measure … But the Austrian, just in case, took the first step.

The presentation of the young Demir coincided in San Mamés with the urgent awakening of an overwhelmed Barça, who suffered a real ordeal that belied the good image shown in the league premiere a week before against Real Sociedad. Bold and cheeky but barely transcendent, he enjoyed half an hour in which Koeman’s team rebelled against depression, saved a draw and managed, even if only in part, to park the apocalyptic speeches that were surely already being prepared around him.

Between discreet and mediocre for a long hour and fleetingly furious the last twenty minutes, Barcelona left a clear example of what can be expected of him this season. If Braithwaite had not missed a goal at the beginning or if the referee had not annulled the one achieved by Araújo touching the break, the chronicles would probably have been much more forgiving, and even praising, with the Barça football performance, which was seen and discussed. he wanted them to resist the pressure of that unleashed Athletic that returned him to the land of mortals.

On the back of an excellent Memphis, who beyond the goal, a great goal, which avoided defeat, completed a performance worthy of what is expected of him and supported by the awakening, late but on time, of a De Jong willing to take the stripes , Barça has plenty of elements to face the season with the highest aspirations in a League that has only just begun.

Koeman will have to tighten the pegs of a defense that is too weak when it is overwhelmed by the rival and will have to present his credentials a Griezmann who passed dangerously silent through San Mamés. Disappeared forever from the scene Leo Messi awaits the cry of the group that enjoyed both against Real Sociedad and suffered against Athletic … And also, of the new bets of a coach willing to continue betting on young people.

It was Pedri first, Araújo and Mingueza later and Ilaix Moriba later last season. Now the moment of Nico and Demir is suspected, the boy arrived in silence from Vienna to be the third Austrian to wear Barça. The first was called Ernst Löwinger and he only played four friendly matches in 1934; Hansi Krankl meant an explosion of jubilation in 1978, closing his first season with 36 goals to fade later.

If this young man, whom Piqué dared to compare with Messi for his ability to dribble, reaches the excellence shown by Pedri, who began his improvised vacation this Sunday, Barcelona will be satisfied … Although, waiting for the match against Getafe next weekend remains between doubts and illusion.