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The sports landscape for Honduras in the next few years it will be difficult. The premature elimination of National selection for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it will leave millions of economic losses in various sectors, but mainly in the football structure.

The Concacaf Playoffs standings

On the economic issue, the Football Federation it will stop earning 12 million dollars (300 million lempiras). Of that money, two million dollars are only for the preparation of each team to play the World Cup and 10 for playing the first round of the competition.

“I cannot give you a number because I do not have them, we have not been able to quantify it and if they are very important because we still have eliminatory games left and the trips are very expensive; We must go back to how we are going to handle it to manage those costs and how we come out ahead, but what we have left is important due to the FIFA ranking and players can be observed for the future in 2026 ”, the president of Fenafuth commented to TEN, Jorge Solomon.

In addition to giving up that income, some sponsors will not continue to invest in a product that will no longer have value due to the devaluation, because they will not have aspirations to compete in an elite competition. Honduras you have to look for a restructuring so as not to feel much of the economic impact.

What awaits Honduras after being out of Qatar 2022

“The conditions of our football are never healthy, we are always in the red. Soccer is very expensive because we have several open processes, remember that we have a Senior National Team and a Women’s Under-17, there is a Under-20 where we have a World Cup in Honduras the other year, there are so many events. Also other things involved such as a group of coaches in Spain, structural changes in the refereeing, we have many open fronts that the economic part with a qualification to the World Cup brings help, but hey, there are also personnel who work in the administrative order ” , he lamented Solomon who is at the head of the Honduras Soccer Federation.


Bad positioning in the FIFA ranking that impacts future competitions: This November 19 the FIFA ranking was published and Honduras he now ranks 76th in the world and eighth in Concacaf. The worst position since before the arrival of Reinaldo Rueda in 2007.

Fenafuth adds its second consecutive failure and increases the crisis

The showcase of Honduran footballers to go abroad: By not playing a World Cup, Honduran footballers will no longer be seen by clubs abroad in order to leave. A player without competition in FIFA tournaments, it is very difficult to place him abroad as explained by the agent Paulo Hernandez.

FIFA’s award for qualifying for the World Cup: For the last World Cup, FIFA gave each of the teams that participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 12 million dollars (300 million lempiras). Of that award, two million went to pre-World Cup preparation and $ 10 million for playing the first round of the competition. As you progress through the tournament, the prize increases until you reach the final. Honduras has already run out of that income.

The economic prize that National League players received: Each National League team receives an award for lending its players to the National Team that plays the World Cup. FIFA pays you for each day that the footballer is in the pre-camp and during the World Cup. Only for the 2010 and 2014 World Cups. In addition, the award that the federation receives, a part goes to the National League. At the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, the teams received an injection of nearly $ 3 million.

Money for lockers: As the matches that remain for the National Team are no longer important, rather than ending the competition with honor, the fans will not arrive in large numbers and economic deficits are coming because the box office will be low. To this is added the reduction in capacity due to the issue of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Scarce sponsors: If times are difficult for the Honduran economy due to the issue of the pandemic and the political situation in the country, in addition to natural phenomena; many entrepreneurs cut their expenses and investing in football is complicated. Fenafuth must find a mechanism to support the sponsors who are the ones who support the budget they manage to pay the coach and set up the Bicolor games.

It is devalued in Concacaf and no longer scared: For many teams, facing an undervalued team is not a priority so it will be very difficult for Honduras to be attractive for friendly games. The consequences of an early elimination will bring a serious impact that will later end a crisis at a general level in Honduran football.


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What Honduras loses by not qualifying for the World Cup, the looming crisis that would make us regress – Diez – Diario Deportivo