Wes Edens registers “Las Vegas Villains” as possible MLS team

Austin FC -at business level- has made a good entry into the MLS this season by connecting with his people and at least not being the worst team in his conference. Coming soon, Charlotte FC and St. Louis will have, at least, the same task in their income to the league, but after them a hole has been left after the fall of Sacrament. Fortunately, it seems that the replacement is becoming clearer.

A thousand and one problems, including the pandemic, caused the supposed next Sacramento soccer organization to end up lowering its project to join the top soccer circuit in the United States and, After seeing the success with international games at Allegiant Stadium, it seems that the proposal to add the team in Las Vegas becomes more real.

After winning the NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks and putting Aston Villa back as a fashionable team for many in the Premier League, now Wes Edens, along with Nassef Sawiris, has gone to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to register the name “Las Vegas Villains” as a denomination for sporting events, as reported by the Review Journal.

The operation was carried out on June 4 and on different occasions it has been known of Edens’ interest to be part of the MLS family. The same directive of the competition did not comment on the matter, since, although Las Vegas has taken this lead, the cities of San Diego and Phoenix still remain as latent options.

The disastrous passing of the Sacramento Republic

The name was ready, the investment looked in order, and Commissioner Don Garber had even welcomed them. But for the bad times, Ron Burke, the largest investor in the Sacramento Republic, decided to withdraw his economic sum from the project due to the pandemic and due to non-compliance in the expansion process, so the city sought to save a project that was doomed to be lost. To date, no one has been able or willing to take up the idea.