The VAR ruined the party in Bogotá: Millos equaled America

The first part began with great intensity from the visiting team. He wanted to overshadow the rival by cutting his exit and advancing lines. Risky proposal from Juan Carlos Osorio, who needed to get a good result from Bogotá to improve his image with the fans.

Despite the above, the first clear of the commitment was for the homeowners. At minute 6, Daniel Ruíz took a left-footed shot from the left side and demanded a masterful shot from goalkeeper Diego Novoa.

The ‘Mechita’ replied five minutes later. A distant shot was deflected in the capital defense and the ball fell to the edge of the small area at the feet of Cristian Arrieta. The side defined as he could and Juan Moreno saved with just enough.

From that moment on, the game consisted of side and side approaches, but without much danger. Of course, America had greater clarity when it came to developing its attacks. Millionaires appealed to what Mackalister Silva could devise.

Arrival half an hour of play, the great controversy. Emerson Rodríguez faced from the right inwards, stumbled and ended up giving a brilliant assist to Fernando Uribe on the right. The scorer entered the area and while trying to finish, Kevin Andrade knocked him down.

In principle, the central referee allowed to continue, but from the VAR they asked him to wait for a review. Later they asked him to review the play and after four long minutes the decision was made to sanction the maximum penalty. Uribe himself charged, but Novoa saved.

And at 42 ‘, the clearest of the visitor. ‘Juanito’ cleared terribly from the bottom, Adri + an Ramos recovered and the ball ended up in Jeison Lucumí, who defined before the departure of the goalkeeper from the blue quarry. The line judge invalidated everything outside the place and from the VAR, again after several minutes, they confirmed the determination.

For the second part, Osorio moved his bench. He gave entry to Mauricio Gómez and Rodrigo Ureña, withdrew Ortíz and Paz from the field. The latter, admonished.

At 52 ‘, Alberto Gamero’s team was very close in opening the scoring, Emerson again won in 1 vs 1, he joined Uribe who enabled Mackalister as a cue and the captain defined with an inside edge, but his shot was opened. Very clear opportunity.

For his part, Osorio continued to rotate his defense. He took out Segura and gave way to the side Hector Quiñones. With this he formed a line of 4: Arrieta on the right, Quiñones on the left and Andrade along with Elvis Mosquera in the middle.

Millionaires completely took over the party. It not only generated danger on the wings but also took advantage of the rival’s defensive deconcentration. America, which was really good, with the changes faded away.

Osorio moved the bench again, this time to refresh the lost attack. Lucumí said goodbye and Joao Rodríguez entered. Gamero responded in the core area: Ruíz left to make way for Harrison Mojica.

Things became even. There was no clear dominator, the ball rolled mostly in the middle of the field and little else. Millos proposed much more, while America used one or another against. At 70 ‘, a rude error by’ Juanito ‘when cutting a center almost ended in a score by Joao. Carlos Sierra entered the visit through Angulo.

And at 75 came the ephemeral happiness of the capital. After a cross to Ureña, Emerson took advantage of the pressure from Daniel Giraldo to draw a right hand that deflected at Uribe and dislodged goalkeeper Novoa.

El Campín exploded in jubilation, until the VAR asked the judge to review the play due to the clash with the Chilean midfielder from América. Finally the action of goal was annulled by infraction previous to the goal and admonished Giraldo. All the same in El Campín.

Gamero immediately moved chips. With his two pivots with yellow, he chose to take out the former Santa Fe for Juan Carlos Pereira. Likewise, Uribe left and Ricardo Márquez, a hero in the last day, entered.

Five from the end, the VAR appeared again. Ureña and Mosquera, scarlet companions, faced each other in the middle of the area and had to be separated by their companions. The referee checked, washed his hands and admonished them both.

The above was a balm for América, who took advantage of the blue deconcentration to get closer to the goal: a shot from Ramos saved by Moreno and a right-hand shot from the middle range by Sierra that went over the crossbar.

In added time (90 + 2 ‘), The visit took a short free kick and a rained cross came out that Andrade wasted in total solitude. His header went safely out onto the ambassador portico. The red from Valle del Cauca could win it at the end.

Finally it was a zero draw in El Campín. Millionaires remains second with 26 units and América, partially eighth, with 18.