The two endorsements of Rudiger

ANDl Real Madrid combs the market for central defenses and, in this idea of ​​reinforcing the axis of the rear, the name of Antonio Rudiger ranks high on the white leaders’ list of preferences. He is not the only one in that relationship, but he does occupy a place preference in it, for several factors.

The first has to do with economy. Madrid’s numbers have been seriously affected by the pandemic and, despite the gradual return of the fans to the stands of the Bernabu and the normalization of the payment of the season tickets (which will take place in the last days of this month), the club continues to look for good market opportunities. In this case, Rudiger’s situation has many similarities to David’s. Praise, who did not reach an agreement to renew his contract with the Bayern from Munich and I ended up free (which is not the same as free) to Real Madrid. In the case of the German defense Chelsea, his disagreement with the leadership of the club Stamford Bridge It has to do with the lack of proportion that the player believes he sees between his contribution to the defensive solidity of the reigning European champion and his position on the salary scale of the London club’s squad.

The dance of the dances: As was danced in the Chelsea dressing room after winning the European Super Cup

With that being an important factor, it is only the fact that Rudiger is already a footballer. completely done, in full maturity (28 years old, turns 29 in March) and able to contribute to the Real Madrid defense veteran and the experience that, inevitably, have been lost with the departures last summer of Sergio Bouquets and Raphael Varane. The Spanish and the French were the central pair of the four Champions (although Pepe He started Milan 2016, leaving ‘Rafa’ on the bench) and it is evident that his departures from the Bernabu club have had a negative impact on the defensive reliability of the Madrid team, which is conceding more than one goal per game (10 goals in eight games played) at the start of the 2021-22 season.

Options for Carletto

The possible arrival of Rudiger will multiply the options in the center of the defense of Carlo Ancelotti, which barely has Jess vallejo, central quarter of the staff, and that values ​​the polyvalence from Nacho to lend a hand on either side. Thus, the Italian coach’s options basically go through two footballers, Alaba and Eder Militao, that they are starting to play together in this course and that they have yet to set as a defensive duo of Madrid.

In this sense, Rudiger will fulfill all the requirements that the white club demands. On the one hand, an operation manageable economically, although in no case cheap. And, on the other hand, the guarantee of those close to 400 games German language at the highest level, from his first steps in the Rome until his consecration at Chelsea, going through his experience in the Bundesliga playing for the Stuttgart. Without forgetting, of course, their 48 games with the absolute selection of his country, in which he has been a wash for nearly five years.