The Tata Martino is shaken before the ‘cimbronazo’

LOS ANGELES – “Cimbronazo”. The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language pairs it with terms such as “shock” or “shudder.” And he relates it to “ribbon.” The RAE was wrong. Let’s update it.

“Cimbronazo”. It is said of the chills, tremors and tremors that take possession of the delicate organism of a medium hair coach, before a medium hair tournament, in a Confederation (Concacaf) below medium hair, for a hobby accustomed to results of medium hair, with players (with their very few exceptions) of medium hair, all belonging to a Federation (FMF) of medium hair.

Gerardo Martino, in the videoconference on Friday: “These (Gold Cup) are official competitions and they put Mexico as the favorite, something very difficult to carry out in the sense that mentally and footballingly you have to be prepared, because one knows that any other A result that is not winning the tournament always implies a shock for the confidence and for the entire environment of the team ”.

“Cimbronazo”. Or what is the same: Open the umbrella, then, because the Conkakafkian tsunami (dixit Guillermo Chao) is approaching !, with the United States without eight of its best European ambassadors; while Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama have important absences, and Guatemala received the call to travel from their country, in direct flight – practically – to the field of Toyota Stadium in Frisco, because, unfortunately, there was negligence in Curaçao before the implacable and COVID-19 dog.

The opportunity for the Chapina team is magnificent, after being confined for two years, clearly awaiting new tests that will be done upon arrival in Dallas, to prevent any member of the delegation from carrying COVID-19 as a stowaway. Guatemala has presented nearly two thousand daily positive cases this week, and a total of 314 thousand 302. The United States sent 1.5 million of the Modern vaccine to this country, to help solve the crisis.

This Saturday, Mexico faces Trinidad and Tobago, a classified team, by way of a kermes repechage, in a kermes organization such as Concacaf. He got involved in the Gold Cup by beating French Guiana on penalties. The hero was the Danish archer Nicklas Frenderup, who plays for Ranheim of Norway.

Afterwards, they await him in the Texas Coliseums, El Salvador and Guatemala, two teams that undoubtedly understand better the extreme fury that feeds them against El Tri. “We are not going to the World Cup, but we beat Mexico”, a Salvadoran phrase coined in 1993, courtesy of Hugo Sánchez’s arrogance: “We will not lose in Cuscatlán by accident.” That day, He savior won 2-1.

“Cimbronazo”. It is said, then, of that infant who breaks into tears before the first spanking.

The outlook is clear for the Tri of Tata Martino: winning, liking and thrashing, in a Gold Cup in which the United States defected, and the rest of the teams, drag absences, transition processes in generations of players or change of technicians, until the embrace of fortune, like the appearance of Guatemala in the tournament.



The experts from ‘Futbol Picante’ debate the challenge presented to the Mexican National Team in the Concacaf competition.

Concacaf explains that the Chapina team was chosen because of its numbers in the tie. It may be, but I need you: Guatemala is the fifth Latin country with the largest number of migrants in the United States: 1.5 million, thousands of them living in Texas, the headquarters of his team. Concacaf is more interested in migratory and demographic statistics, crossed with the dollar factor, before football statistics.

On the other hand, although Gerardo Martino has a generation of precarious quality, especially in the defensive zone, on the attack, he has players capable of devastating the Conkakafkian horizon, if they are well used: Chucky lozano, Tecatito Corona, Hector Herrera, and of course, with the thermonuclear bomb, despised by Argentina, Rogelio Funes Mori, Tata’s biggest bet.

It has already been said that under the shelter of this national team, which will play all its matches at home, far from the fearsome and feared “cimbronazo”, Mexico is the favorite to lift a Gold Cup with a coppery soccer, and the Twins Funes Mori become the new sniper in the area.

Mexico is fortunate to have Martino. He must have learned from the deep, seismic scars left by his passage through Barcelona and Argentina. “My thing at Barça was a total failure,” he accepted. “A good-natured eighties man,” called the newspaper El Mundo de España.



The analysis and discussion between Dionisio Estrada and Álvaro Morales on the requirement in the Concacaf area to the Mexican National Team and Gerardo Martino.

Beyond the fact that he has accepted that he still has nightmares with those two processes, the truth is that he vindicated himself at Atlanta United, in a season of poor level throughout the MLS. However, between tasting the bile at great levels, and the honey at the eminent levels, the learning of the human being must spill out copiously in El Tri, of course, despite the unfounded agony of a “shock”.

But, don’t worry about Tata. His predecessor, Juan Carlos Osorio, survived soccer hecatombs such as 7-0 against Chile; the humiliation in the Confederations Cup, also with the Colombian being suspended six games, for his climacteric outbursts against arbitration, and, of course, the failure in the Gold Cup, eliminated by Jamaica.

So calm down, Tata, nothing will happen with a “shake” more or less, for a selection of medium hair, in a Confederation (Concacaf) below medium hair, for a hobby used to results of medium hair, with players ( with its very few exceptions) of medium hair, all belonging to a Federation (FMF) of medium hair.