The signing of Azpilicueta, as soon as Chelsea closes his replacement

Joan Laporta warned that the Barcelona will now focus on strengthen your defenseonce the situations of Raphinha, Dembl and Lewandowski.It’s not that in all this time the Catalan club has left this issue aside, but it is true that it is now time to deal with it definitively.

Specifically, the Barça president refers to the signings of the two Spaniards who play in the Chelsea and to those who Xavi He’s had his eye on it for a long time: Marcos Alonso and Cesar Azpilicueta.

These are two totally different operations. Each will have their own timing. Different negotiations for different footballers and in particular situations.

The first that the Barcelona technical secretariat hopes to resolve is the hiring of the Navarrese. Basically, it depends on how long the Chelsea in finalizing the contracting of a player of the profile of the captain blue.

It’s not easy. Azpilicueta he can play almost any defensive position. Finding an ace footballer of a certain level is a complicated task in today’s market.

The predisposition remains

The new leaders of Chelsea They have no intention of breaking their word. They will keep the promise made by the previous property of the Navarrese club to let him out. They also winked at the Barcelona in that sense, but they will have to wait.

For now, the British have tried to buy time without stopping negotiating. His strategy has been to ask for a very high figure first, knowing that this is not going anywhere. It speaks of an amount greater than 9 kilos that the English paid at the time to Olympic Marseille. And when we say at the time we mean ten years ago. Come on, that quantity is totally out of the market.

But so he Chelsea buy time without breaking your word. Gvardiol, Kimpembe, Kound… The English are moving to reshape their defence. Until that happens, what of Azpilicueta cannot be resolved. That yes, as soon as that happens, the idea is that everything is very fast. This week there should be progress, but there is no guarantee that it will be resolved now. As we say, it is in the hands of the English. Once they solve theirs, the resolution of the case Azpilicueta should come by domino effect.

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The signing of Azpilicueta, as soon as Chelsea closes his replacement