The lights and shadows of Depay

Depay left the Eurocup leaving less mark than he had announced. Elimination in the second round left the Netherlands halfway through. And also the new signing of Barcelona, ​​who generated twelve occasions, scored two goals and gave an assist during the tournament, but who had created expectations of a decisive player that he could not bring to light against the Czechs. Depay was hit by clubs of all colors in the media, even from footballers like Gullit. He was not the expected leader of the front.

Barça is already waiting for Depay to present him in the month of July. Signed for two seasons, the Eurocup, however, has left, some doubt in the surroundings of the Barcelona club, that in principle had relapsed with certain euphoria its signing. The former Olympique de Lyon player has shown remarkable characteristics: he moves correctly on the attack front, he knows how to play swords with the ball well (he caused eight fouls in the Eurocup), he turns with dexterity to generate play and in short spaces He is a dangerous footballer due to his explosiveness and ease of playing with the ball very close to the foot. He also has a goal. Depay had a 72% success rate on the pass (126 correct out of 171 attempts). Of the 126, 118 were short and medium distance. He is a player, therefore, who does not play long. Of the 8 passes he tried, game changes or clearances, he did not make any.

But with Depay there are also doubts, especially about his coexistence with Messi. During many passages, he has occupied a position focused on the field that he will not be able to visit when he shares a team with the Argentine. He is the one who starts the plays, rather than the one who bites into space. That will also be impossible when he plays alongside Messi. Depay also takes out the stopped balls …

Koeman will have to ensure that, from the beginning, the Dutchman knows exactly what his role is, which will be different from what he has had in Lyon these years and also in the Dutch team. Depay will lose the status of reference to be a companion. The end of the Eurocup has generated some uncertainty around the player.