The four stars and international bands that Qatar is looking for for the 2022 World Cup shows

Doha, Qatar, one of the venues for the 2022 World Cup (Reuters)

The World Cups FIFA has two shows: one within the limits of the pitch and the other outside. The first, the footballers are in charge, absolute protagonists of each encounter. The second belongs to the public and to the plan developed by the organizers. In this framework, from Qatar they have started the talks so that the thousands of fans who travel there in November 2022 have the entire show assured.

This week a report from The Times revealed that two artists and two very popular bands of western music have been contacted to make their presentations during the world Cup. They are Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, Aerosmith and Abba, all with a contract with Universal, which is one of the companies associated with FIFA, so there would be no inconvenience to agree to their presence.

Although there is still little information about it, these artists are being summoned to make presentations during the contest. That is, they would not be part of the opening ceremony or closing, where several stars usually appear, generally related to the culture of the host country. Therefore, these bands and singers could star in shows in the fan fest, the centers where hundreds of fans without tickets gather to watch the matches on a giant screen and in the open air.

But the organizers of Qatar 2022 are at a disadvantage when it comes to diagramming what the party will be like for fans hoping to get drunk, watch football and have fun, because In the Asian nation it is forbidden to drink in public places and it is a crime to be drunk. But for that there is also a plan.

Qatar prepares to receive thousands of tourists in November 2022 (Reuters)
Qatar prepares to receive thousands of tourists in November 2022 (Reuters)

Following an agreement of which the first advance was known in 2019, the cruise company MSC It will provide two of its boats to moor in the remodeled Doha megaport and they will function as luxury hotels during the World Cup. Those wishing to travel to the Middle East to witness the FIFA tournament can choose to stay at MSC Europa or MSC Poesía. The first of these ships is still being built in France, but will be ready by 2022.

Both cruises have rooms to accommodate a total of 4 thousand people, who could be allowed the consumption of alcohol, according to the speculations of the British portals that suppose that there will be flexibility in the laws against the drink for the fans who choose to stay there. Obviously, in case they disembark to attend a game or simply to go sightseeing, they must leave the drunkenness on board.

Within the framework of a sustainable plan, 16 hotels will also be inaugurated for the World Cup floating which will be on the shores of Qetaifan Island North, near the Lusai International Stadium, the venue that will host the opening match and the grand final of the tournament.

The general counsel of Qatar Financial Center (QFC), Yousuf al jaida, announced in February 2019 that “The volume of the sports sector market in Qatar is expected to reach $ 20 billion by 2022”, As a result of the soccer contest that will be held in November to avoid the high summer temperatures.

Among the most curious data of this contest is that the stadium of the grand final It will be located in Lusai, a city that did not exist until a few years ago and whose construction began for the contest. What was once a desert will become a town of 20,000 people, but for that they must finish the construction of roads, bridges and buildings that are being carried out.