The former model behind the Newcastle purchase

The Premier League and European football have been shaken in recent days by the purchase of Newcastle by PIF, a Saudi fund controlled by the crown prince Mohamed bin Salman. Many wonder what will be your first goals to return to the elite in England and the names do not stop ringing, especially for the bench. But who is behind this historic purchase? Her name is Amanda Staveley, a businesswoman and former model who works for the firm PCP Capital Partners And he’s been trying for a long time to take over the club on the banks of the River Tyne.

At 48 years old, Amanda has made countless headlines in the British press, especially as she dismissed the idea of ​​entering the British aristocracy. by rejecting Prince Andrew’s request for marriage. The businesswoman had already launched a club for more than 10 million euros in 2000 in which she combined a gym, a restaurant and a conference room, but meeting Andrew opened the doors to an incredible list of contacts, especially in the Middle East. “Andrew is a lovely man and I still care about him but if I had married him my independence would have disappeared“Staveley confessed to the Daily Mail.

Diagnosed with a disease without a cure

In 2013 Amanda received a very tough diagnosis that she has to deal with every day. Staveley was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, an inherited degenerative disorder that causes the wear of some nerve cells in the brain and that begins to be noticed after the 30s and 40s. This could cause muscle spasms, stiffness, abnormal eye movements, impaired balance, or even difficulties speaking and swallowing. Luckily for her, she was told that she was inactive for now, but that stress and pressure could lead to early onset of symptoms. Amanda inherited this disease from her mother Lyne, a former show jumping champion, and she did not know it until she was 37 years old, although before she had a family.

Married and with a huge wealth after making herself

On a personal level, Amanda is married to the Iranian Mehrdad Ghodoussi: “I have the most incredibly patient and loving husband. I didn’t want to get married when I found out about the diseaseBut he said he didn’t care and that we would find the best medical care available, “he confessed. Along with him he has a gigantic heritage, but Staveley had to fight a lot to get where he is today, especially after entering university at only 16 years old. .



When I got to college, my dad had a heart attack, my mom was very sick with Huntington’s disease, and I also had an eating disorder.. I was educated in a private school for girls … and it was very difficult for me to be educated with men. I had a psychologist, I was sectioned, my weight dropped and I didn’t know how to cope, “she confessed years ago. At that time, she already dreamed of being a financial advisor, but she did work as a model to get money and be able to start fulfilling her big projects.

Since then, he has accumulated a fortune estimated at 140 million euros, owns a house in Dubai and a spectacular luxury apartment in Park Lane, one of the most exclusive areas of London.