“The dances? We still have a lot to do…”

Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid player and star of the Brazilian team, is fulfilling a dream in the World Cup. With an indelible smile throughout, the 22-year-old left winger spoke to the media at a press conference, highlighting that Modric has taught him to pass outside, confessing that Ancelotti is a “father to him” ” and, furthermore, acknowledging that he does not intend to stop doing dances in the remainder of the World Cup.

His success at the age of 22: “I am very happy to have achieved at the age of 22 the goals that I set for myself in life. I want to continue with all the work I’ve been doing to get to this moment, I have the best players by my side, in the national team and at Real Madrid. God willing, on the 18th we will put one more on the list, and then we will try to win it all again”.

The importance of Ancelotti: “He always gave me the confidence I needed, the wake-up calls I needed at the right times, when I needed them most. He is like a father to me, he always gives me the love I need, the responsibility too, and he does everything, not only with me, but also with all the players he has worked with. Whenever I meet Ronaldo, he says that Ancelotti has been his best coach. Not only in terms of technique and tactics, but also knowing how to live with the player, knowing how to deal with great players. I also want to send him a big hug, I am glad for his affection, he always sends me messages ”.

Neymar’s advice before the World Cup: “He told me that the World Cup is different from any other competition. Now I’m living it, I know how important the World Cup is for our country and for everyone. He told me and I always carried it with me, I didn’t know how big it was, but when the anthem played I saw the difference it makes to play in a World Cup for your country. Even more so for Brazil, the country with the most titles, which everyone wants to win. I am happy to be here representing all Brazilians, to play with my idol, with the friends I have here, and that this union we have can take us to a very high place”.

Parties: “I think when I’m not on duty I can do whatever I want. When I’m not on duty I try to distract myself as much as possible, be with my friends, my family, do what I think is best for me. I don’t think they should tell us what we have or don’t have to do, but they should demand what we do on the field.

The process to become an owner: “I think it was a normal process. The coach gave me arguments about where I had to improve to reach my best level and be a starter in the national team. It’s complicated because there are a lot of players and the coach has a lot of options. Every time I went to the national team, I came back with something that I needed to be a starter in the position. I always spoke with Tite on the phone, with Ancelotti, who also gave me a lot of advice to be a starter for the national team. I prepared myself better and it was clear to me that when the time came, I would be ready to help the team. I am very happy to have started the competition well, but I don’t want to stop there, I want to continue until the final”.

The pass with the outside to Paquetá and what Modric taught him: “Modric, as I said before, always teaches me. Not only on the field and off it, but in it he taught me that pass with the outside. I have been improving every day to have more options to play with. Paquetá is a brother to me. When I left Flamengo I told him that we would experience much greater things. When I got here and we scored in the same game, I’m very happy. It is a dream come true for us. We have worked hard to get to this moment. I can’t say much because I get emotional, so I’ll stop here (laughs))”:

The defensive level of Brazil: “Against Korea we had more space, it’s normal that we could shoot more easily, while in the other games our opponents were a little more compact. But we have always been aware that our defense is very strong, so if we only score one goal, we will win most of the games.”

Shared responsibility with Neymar: “I think we have 26 players here, if we all share the responsibility a bit, it won’t be too heavy for anyone. Of course those who play more will have more responsibility, but no one runs away, I’m not afraid of that responsibility either. I want to give my best and help the team. Not only with the goals, but when we have to go back a few meters to help the defenders. It is everyone’s responsibility, and if we all work together it will be easier for everyone”.

Modric: “It is always very difficult to play against high-quality players. And Modric has always taught me a lot, he continues to teach me every day, he does everything possible to keep improving. I take it as a mirror for myself, a 37-year-old player playing at his level, which is rare, but players like him, Cristiano, Thiago Silva, who are no longer normal in age, are now becoming normal. We are happy about it, I am happy to play against him, and may the best man win”.

The dances in the World Cup: “The goal is the most important moment in football, in which not only we are very happy, but now in the World Cup the whole country is too. We still have a lot to celebrate. We hope we can continue to do many dances and play well to reach the final at this rate. People like to complain when they see others happy, and Brazilians are always very happy, so we will always hurt those people a lot. I hope we can continue with our joy, with the peace of mind that many people are for us and not against us.

Raphinha’s lack of success: “It’s normal, you know, players always want to score goals. We hope that, at an important moment, Raphinha’s goal can come off. We expect him to start dating in the next game. He is very calm. In addition to the goals, when we play for the national team we try to keep improving, which is always the most important thing, which is to always help the team, even if it’s defending, and Raphinha has been doing very well”.

His evolution as a player: “I always try to evolve, not only here, but also at the club, where I have more time. Ancelotti helps me a lot. Together with Tite, and they are very similar, they talk a lot to each other, I have also learned a lot in the national team. Whenever I have something to improve, I focus 100 percent on doing it as soon as possible. In football, especially at the highest level, there is no time for regrets, you have to evolve and learn. Every game I try to be more aggressive in marking, give more assists, score more goals and have more importance in the team. Being able to help the team is what I value the most”.

The current Brazilian generation: “I feel very happy and honored that a whole country supports me. I went to Real Madrid at the age of 18, it’s difficult to be far from where you live, but Brazil has always been with me, supporting me, so I’m happy to be able to represent each and every one of them here. I am a boy with dreams, as they are and they all were. I always try to be happy in front of everyone, that’s very important to them.”

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“The dances? We still have a lot to do…”