Tata Martino will dose players against El Salvador if they ask

Gerardo Martino revealed that he could make some kind of rotation in his starting 11 against El Salvador, this to dose the players

THE SAVIOR — Gerardo Martino, coach of the Mexican team, acknowledged that he has considered dosing some footballers for the commitment against The Savior, if necessary and / or they ask for it, since they have had three games in seven days.

“Obviously it is something that we take into account, what happens, what has happened with us, the continuity that they have been having in their clubs, the situation that Gallardo, Edson, or Raúl have, who has played all the games, is not the same. We are not only appealing to the scientific part, we are also going to get closer to the player, to see how he feels and to determine what the line-up is like ”, he commented Tata martino, coach of the Mexican National Team.

Mexico started the second FIFA knockout date towards the 2022 World Cup last Thursday against Canada and then faced Honduras on Sunday. The two commitments were played at the Azteca stadium and footballers such as Hirving el Chucky Lozano, Raúl Jiménez, Jesús Tecatito Corona, Guillermo Ochoa, Héctor Herrera, Edson Álvarez and Jesús Gallardo were active in both matches. That is why some of them could go to the bench against El Salvador.

“The squad is fine, we travel today for the simple fact that more work is being done on the recovery of the players than on the field. There are better conditions in the CAR than here ”, acknowledged Gerardo Tata Martino.

Among the good news for Gerardo Martino is that Henry Martín, América forward, no longer reports any ailment and is available for the game at the Cuscatlán stadium. Against Canada and Honduras, the Azulcrema attacker did not even go to the bench because he pointed out that he had some ailments.

“Henry is in total disposition to be taken into account,” acknowledged the coach of the Mexican team.