Spain in the 2022 World Cup: last minute of the Spanish National Team in Qatar, live today

Laporte: “They are trying to disturb us from outside…”

The Manchester City center-back attended Cadena SER’s El Larguero on the first day of the National Team’s concentration.

How do you get to the World Cup?: “Laporte is better than ever. I’m at 200%. I’ll do my bit if I’m not a starter”.

Pressure: “They are facts. There is no concern. We are very happy. There was a lot of criticism at the Eurocup and look how it went. We are a humble group and very friendly and anything can happen. But the teammates are spectacular.”

What does a central defender have to have for Luis Enrique?: “Something similar to Pep’s. At City we do risk something more but it is still the same philosophy. Have the ball and be in control. Luis Enrique and Guardiola are quite similar”.

Would it have been surprising if Piqué and Ramos were called up?: “Nope. I piqued maybe yes, but Ramos, no. Although she was not coming. There would be fewer chances. But if he had come, he would have always been well received.

Luis Enrique: “Yes, he is the leader. He transmits that security to us. They are trying to disturb or annoy us from outside. We are a group that loves each other and we get along very well. It is a privilege to be here and live this experience. We will try to make the most of it. From outside they are trying to disturb us and he reassures us ”.

More subtract than add from outside: “No. What stands out the most is the bad. The human is like that. We should focus more on the good. But there is everything. You have to live with it. There are decisions to make and players who are more or less known. In the Europe was similar and look how it was…”.

win the world cup: “We can do it. Without any. By names, maybe we are not the best in the world compared to other teams. But based on quality and how we play, there is no doubt that we can go far. But we know that the details have a lot to do with this level.”

Final Spain-France: “He signed it”.

Annoy: “It’s not that. Some believe and others don’t. No more. It also happens in the clubs.”

Possible goodbye to Luis Enrique after the World Cup: “People come and go. It is the law of football. If that’s the case…well, nothing”.

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Spain in the 2022 World Cup: last minute of the Spanish National Team in Qatar, live today