Sources: Cruz Azul has the first three casualties heading to Clausura 2023

Ángel Romero, Luis Abram and Alejandro Mayorga are emerging as the first casualties for the next semester, but there are other names on the list

MEXICO — Blue Cross he already has his first casualties facing the Closure 2023 with the South Americans Angel Romero Y louis abramand the side Alexander Mayorga as the first to head the list of elements that will not continue in the institution for next year.

Sources consulted by ESPN confirmed that the cement club will not exercise the purchase options for the Peruvian louis abramwho will return to Granada, nor for the Mexican Alexander Mayorga, who will return to Chivas, while the board has closed the negotiations with the Paraguayan Ángel Romero and his representative due to the high economic claims of the 30-year-old midfielder, which are well above the renewal offer of Blue Cross.

Nor is it a fact that striker Iván Morales continues with La Maquina for the Closure 2023since he has a secondary role in the team and there were internal situations that did not please the board and coaching staff in the recently concluded tournament, although both Blue Cross As the agent of the Chilean player, they must find a good proposal from another team so that he can go out on loan or for sale.

The sources said that in principle those players who have a current contract such as the Uruguayan Cristian Tabó, the goalkeeper Sebastián Jurado and the veterans Jesús Corona, Julio César Domínguez and Rafael Baca will remain at the club for next year, unless an attractive offer arrives. of another team or that the leadership, if it appoints a new sports director, decides to dispense with one of them.

Meanwhile, a source Blue Cross consulted by ESPN He recognized that the Argentine Ramiro Carrera, from Atlético Tucumán, is a possibility to reinforce the sky-blue team, although he is the “third option” in the midfield position and for now there is no advanced negotiation.

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Sources: Cruz Azul has the first three casualties heading to Clausura 2023