Sevilla survive a shooting

ANDl Seville started with a tie your participation in Champions, resisting everything that happened to him in an afternoon where the referee was the undisputed protagonist. He was not wrong on key plays, but he ended up making the local players desperate. It is normal that in other sports you can see penalties or maximum penalties with some assiduity during the same match. It is part of the game or sport. In all the annotations they go well above the usual ones in football. The surprising thing is to see in 45 minutes of a Champions match, where the forces are balanced, up to four penalties, the first three for the visiting team. Sevilla came out alive from a first period that ended with the universal flood. When it starts to rain in the Andalusian capital, there is not even a roof to shelter from. Victim of his own mistakes, given that the three penalties (all caused by Adeyemi!) and above they were avoidable and in action without a manifest danger. The Salzburg He only scored the second and Rakitic answered from eleven meters. The expulsion of En-Nesyri the beginning of the second half put everything black. Sevilla resisted.

Lopetegui was betting on the men who had led Sevilla to play for the second consecutive year in the Champions League. No signing in his lineup. The game started with a devilish rhythm. Arrivals from Sevilla and against the Austrians, who did not stop to think about how to break the pressure line. They always cut it at speed. Despite two good arrivals with En-Nesyri, the real danger will be suffered by Sevilla in their own area. First with a penalty of Diego Carlos on the line to hinder Adeyemi. After consulting the VAR, maximum penalty. Adeyemi himself shot out. The Andalusian team was fighting. He did not do it in the second penalty that the locals were going to whistle in 20 minutes of play. Navas knocked Adeyemi down again, now on the bottom line. Penalty of the absurd genre. Sucic won’t waste it.

Here Sevilla went into a state of nerves. Lopetegui asked calm from the beginning. Playing roundtrip with a team used to it was going badly for him. And it was more favored by the team itself on the grass than by the instructions of the coach on the band. And since there are not two without three, Bono scored the third penalty of the afternoon on Adeyemi’s ride down the wing. He went out to block the ball very far from his goalkeeper. There was no hidden camera and no bet is assumed in the air. The German forward from Salzburg provoked all three penalties and none of the plays had real danger. Sucic will throw it to the stick. Sevilla was fighting again. Giving away three penalties in one half is inconceivable and less so in the Champions League. Fortune was only losing by one. And as there could be some in the other area, with the Belarusian referee animated in the signaling of maximum penalties, a fall from En-Nesyri, after being notified by the VAR, pitted a favorable to Sevilla. And Rakitic, expert pitcher, will not waste the gift. After four penalties, the game will be tied at half-time. And to finish the picture, a deluge that came after the avalanche of penalties. All inexplicable. It was time to wonder what had happened in the locker room.

And now without En-Nesyri …

Lopetegui moved pieces with the entrance of Ocampos and Delaney. And Bono should make up for his mistake on the third penalty with a save to Sesko. Adeyemi had exposed Kound. What a player on the 27th of the Austrian team. To add more excitement to the horror-looking thriller, En-Nesyri was sent off for simulating a penalty (second yellow) in a play where he had been called offside. Lopetegui couldn’t believe it. Now he was not signaling maximum punishment, but he was taking one of his men from him. In this scenario, they only had to resist the Sevilla fans, who with the support of their public always end up growing. Visiting dominance was overwhelming, although Sevilla, with its sides, was a cave room on rare but dangerous occasions, like an arrival from Ocampos who did not dare to strike first. Erik Lamela and Rafa Mir they raised the level of intensity and Sevilla began to approach the Austrian dominions more assiduously. These same two players had two headshots. Everything was open.

The game was heading to the end and the public became more desperate with the referee. The cards and their decisions. The most controversial, in addition to everything experienced, was a sevillista attack cut off because a Salzburg player went to the ground injured. Par the game when he was going to center Aqua. And it gave neutral boat. Nobody understood anything. The anger was enormous. Sevilla resisted a match where everything was put to lose it. Survived a shooting. A quality turned into identity.