Sergi: “These players are very good and they have to believe in themselves”


10/30/2021 –

Sergi Barjuan regretted not having been able to take the victory against Alavs. For Bara’s acting coach, his were better, but they fit into an isolated play.


“A little that there is no reward for the work done. Controlled game, with occasions. We rectify things at halftime that have worked. They tie in an isolated play. We have had chances, but we have not gotten them.”

The match

“It’s an isolated play. The team has possession and loses it. We have worked to stop those losses. The intensity has been good. The first 15 minutes they managed to enter with long balls. We try to play together, but an isolated play submits you.”

The Bara that you wanted?

“I have had very little time to work. I have tried to order them at the defensive and offensive level. I think they have been used a lot. We have rectified something. When there is a negative result, it is difficult to digest.”


“Piqu they’re looking at him now. They’ve taken Kun away and I don’t know anything else. I know they’re doing tests.”

Do you feel acting?

“Not much less. Today I have planned a game properly. Of possession, of balance between the lines. If I arrive in Kiev on Tuesday, we will do the same. We will try to revive the team, let them know that they are very good and that they have to believe in themselves”.

The match

“In the first half we had a hard time playing between the lines. We generated, we moved. I think we moved the ball fast. In the end.”

Feeling facing Tuesday

“The feeling is bitter. To try, to have done what we worked for. I think we have done it, but when you draw, no matter how well you explain it, nobody believes you. You have to recover the players physically and mentally. Let them see that we are on the right path. “

Can you fight for LaLiga?

“The intensity is marked in specific moments, when you lose. If you are well positioned and you know how to do it. The intensity is measured in moments, in situations, not in ones against one. It is the type of intensity that is not seen, but that is we generate. In the end, there is a lot left. The only way to fight it is to win. The first thing we have to do is win, rather than look up. “

Sergi’s hand

“I am positive, I am a worker and in that no one is going to beat me. I have to win them back and win them over. I think more in an affective way, that they believe in themselves. When you enter the locker room after a fairly serious match, quite orderly, if they take it from day to day, better for everyone. This is what we have worked on. Let’s see if we can continue working on it. It will be important to recover troops. “

Plague of injuries

“It is what it is. I can’t do anything else. Ronald already found it. That’s why there are benches and subsidiaries. To compensate for these losses. From then on there is no choice but to keep looking forward. We have to look at tomorrow, what it’s the next game. “

Kun injury

“He told me he was a bit dizzy. Now I have found out that they have taken him to the hospital. I can’t say more. Between cheering the kids on and the press conference, it’s hard to know more.”

The first kick is a goal

“The first thing is to create chances and put them in. We had a couple in the first half. You have to put one more than the rival. You have to keep working. There is a moment when Rioja catches the ball and you know you have to stop it even if it’s yellow. It’s what he has good, speed and dribbling. You have to do it. Stop it even if it costs a card. That’s what I’m here for. We have to stop it in some way. We know it was his strength. Joselu’s long combed ball or Luis’s move Rioja “.

Few spectators

“The only way for the stadium to fill up is with work and results. We are grateful to those who have come. It is a difficult situation. I am here to help. These are very difficult times.”

Kiev approach

“I have to keep looking for my idea. Look for superiority, balance and order. The ones we have, plug it in. There is no other option.”


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Sergi: “These players are very good and they have to believe in themselves”