Ronnie Brunswijk speaks and sends a message after the controversy of Inter-Olimpia for the Concacaf League – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Ronnie Brunswijk is the man and the name of the controversy. The president of the Inter by Moengotapoe from Surinam turned the football world upside down. After playing professional football at the age of 60 in a club tournament in Concacaf, and after giving money to the players and coaching staff of the Olympia from Honduras, his name became even more popular.

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Right now the Football Confederation study the rare case that happened in this knockout duel of the round of 16 tournament of Concacaf League where unfortunately the catracho club Olympia is in.

Far from apologizing, Ronnie Brunswijk He came out two days later to talk about what happened in that unprecedented event in the football world. It was through his social networks where he left a letter.

“A well-deserved match,” began by writing the 60-year-old man who is followed by Interpol since he has arrest warrants for being accused of drug trafficking, without failing to mention his past as a guerrilla.

“I have been a soccer fan since I was a child. Playing soccer is my hobby. As long as I feel fit, I will continue to play soccer at Inter Moengotapoe. On September 21 we played against a Honduran club Olimpia and they played great soccer. Olimpia has played a match level and deservedly won 6-0, “wrote the one who is also vice president of Surinam.

Brunswijk made it clear that the money he gave to the Honduran delegation was out of gratitude. “After a consultation with the manager, I rewarded the Honduran team. I gave the reward to the players just out of gratitude. I will continue to bet on high-level sport,” he closed by saying.

The influential man of Surinam in the end he distributed $ 3,300 before the footballers of Olympia from Honduras, where part of the technical staff and props of the Central American delegation were also included.