I like my Liga MX, by tradition of life, by curiosity, by work, by memories, now, I have to admit how boring it is and how little spectacle it offers.

Nothing is the same. It really doesn’t have to be. As of March 2019, everything began to generate that change: uncertainty, fear, confinement, many theories and few answers, distance from the everyday, from the normal. We began the process of giving value to normal things and actions, but within the next two years, we realized how lucky we were without realizing it, in the family, in the workplace and in our hobbies.

My subject, or at least the one I get paid for, is football and what happens with this activity. Teams have to stop physically and administratively. There are no games and then there is no income. When returning to the activity, a general rearrangement has to come: more games to compensate for those not played, with less investment. While we were locked up, television became our main distractor: series, films, documentaries and the occasional game of good times, occupied our time. Technology became indispensable. If we wanted to buy, have fun or work, technology via the internet came to occupy our main means to continue in activity.

As time passed, in the year 2021, our tastes changed because we had been consuming everything for two years and soccer, our soccer, entered the basket of multiple activities to choose from.

I never thought that a musical, Mecano with the work Cruz de Navajas, I would like more than a Real Madrid vs Osasuna, seen the two live and comparing, because I get used to that in the pandemic; who strives to give satisfaction and therefore, a show that transports me to something new. Soccer was that medium and in these post-pandemic times it is no longer so, because it competes with multiple other activities that got us used to seeing them and that also warned us through television that soccer would become something more of our own. options and not the only thing, just something else.

All of the above written to land in our tournament Liga MX. I do not deny him. Of the 153 games that the tournament has, I am not lying, I am telling you, I see 90% of them live. I like my Liga MX, by tradition of life, by curiosity, by work, by memories, by comparisons, because I understand it in my own way or whatever they want, but I like it. Now, I have to admit how boring it is and how little spectacle it offers. The least of them go to the stadiums and the many more of us follow it on television, knowing that you only appreciate 20% of what happens on the pitch, you only see where the ball is and the other 80% of the show you don’t even see it, or you imagine it because anything can be happening that the camera does not reach you.

Within what you do see, you run into few goal actions, fewer goals, many interruptions and poor quality actors. Taking away Chivas Because they are all Mexican, at the beginning of each day, 187 players in total take part. On average, between 95 and 94 foreigners act, half and there are 165 hired.

If the teams have that last number of foreigners, for me it means that among ours there are 165 missing who are going to contribute something that they do not have and that the result should be better: you matter to replace what you do not have. But it’s not like that. They start 94, then 42 go to the bench and worst, 29 do not start and are not on the bench. His place is the rostrum.

Again, for me, only the America Of its 10 hired, 9 have the quality to be in the league, I remove Renato Ibarra that due to injury does not contribute. At the end of the 165, only 91 contribute or are better than their Mexican peers. As a comment, and I do not say the name of the team, they have 10 foreigners and only one creates a difference, the other 9 become bad hires for multiple reasons: opportunity to carry out 74 more deals by bringing them, poor viewers who decide, shortage of national players , no vision for the production of your own players and those that you want to put.

If to all this, you add that there is no descent, then any technician for half or less of the salary, receives the opportunity to take the reins. The latter makes sense: if your team is based on foreigners, the next step is to have a foreign coach and if South Americans predominate on your team, put a coach from the same region. We see the result every weekend. Games with little technique in general, technicians who do not risk doing something new, except for Solari and Larcamon, 16 teams in ups and downs, many players injured by excess games and little preparation to support them and red-boned fans who prefer to see Cruz de Razors than a football game.


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