Raphinha has something

ANDn Barcelona they rub their hands with raphinha. With only two performances, the former player of the leeds has dazzled the Barça fans. Lewandowski he is the great center of attention, but football, so far, is putting the spotlight on the Brazilian.

After its premiere, against the Inter-Miamia certain caution was preferred. raphinha he scored a goal and gave two assists, but the rival’s entity forced him to maintain form. You couldn’t throw the bells on the fly for having a great night against the eleventh of the Major League Soccer.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from a defensive mistake, Raphinha’s goal is crazy

Another thing is the classic. Oh yes, we are talking about an important rival. Of defenses of the maximum demand -although we are in preseason-. From a world showcase. and oh raphinha not only did he not disappoint, but he banged on the table. He presented his credentials to those who did not have control of the premier league.

His first 45 minutes bordered on excellence. With overflow and arrival at the bottom line. With the ability to associate, defensive effort and -again- goal.

The duel with Dembl

raphinha arrive at Barcelona to fight for a position with Dembl on the right band. That is, at least, the premise with which he was signed. Seen what has been seen, the Brazilian has started the race with an advantage. For now, he has shown that he has a knack for seeing a goalkeeper Mosquito it has been historically resisted.

The good thing for the French is that Xavi he is also testing the slouch on the left wing. The problem is that they are also fighting for a position in the band Fernando Torres Y Ansu Fati. It will be very expensive to get one of the two sides of the trident.

Xavi’s plan

What is clear is that, finally, Xavi will be able to carry out the plan that he proposed the day of his presentation. “I want to play with open wingers and I want to have different variants”, indicated the man from Egar on the day of his debut. Less than a year later, he has been granted his wish. Now it is a matter of seeing if he is able to put the pieces together… and if the club manages to enroll them to all.

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Raphinha has something