PSG neither wants nor can nor is it interested in firing Ramos


11/02/2021 –

ANDl last Saturday afternoon, the newspaper Le Parisien, in a lengthy article that addressed the concern that surrounds PSG about the situation of Ramos, which still does not debut under the orders of Pochettino, dropped in his article that in Paris, although a hypothetical termination of the contract It was not something that was now on the table, it was no longer about “science fiction”.

The reality is that the ball was growing fast and today it remains that PSG has been thinking about this scenario for a few days. However, regardless of from Paris deny that they have studied this possibility, it would not stop being also a ruinous business for the coffers of Princes Park.

Sergio Ramos: “The best place to keep dreaming, the best club to keep winning”PSG

On the one hand, there can be nothing agreed in this sense between Ramos and the French club. In France, as in England, rescission clauses, common in Spanish football or in the Premier, but also those of dismissal by the club, that is, In the employment contract, a unilateral rupture of the parties cannot be agreed. He did not have it either, for that very reason, Neymar, even though it leaked on his day when the Real Madrid or Barcelona They were trying to bring the Brazilian back to LaLiga, without any success, by the way, and with a strategy that was neither viable nor existed. Under French law there can be no termination clause.

But just as a player can break the contract that binds him to a club, so can the company he hires paying the consequences. And to calibrate them, in case PSG decided to break the contract, you should first know what it is subject to: either FIFA or the French courts.

If PSG terminated that agreement and Ramos went to FIFA, said body determine that the club must pay the footballer the remainder of his salary from work less what he can earn in another club. And it could also carry a disciplinary sanction. If said contract is subject to the French Courts, the club would have to pay him the entire contract, so it would therefore be even more absurd for PSG to terminate it financially. For Qatar, the two options are more than bad business.

After three months injured, you do not get paid from the club

Ramos’ concern, even above PSG, should therefore not respond to a contract break because PSG neither wants nor considers it. But there is other ends that the former Real Madrid captain must have well tied if the injury is prolonged. And is that as MARCA has learned, in the French League stop collecting the club salary when you reach 90 days injured. For this reason, soccer players’ agents always recommend to their clients sign some kind of insurance, and players are advised to sign some type of insurance that covers this scenario.

Leave time is not cumulative and when the player is registered, the 90-day period will start from scratch. Ramos signed for PSG on July 8, but the term also depends on the moment that Ramos was discharged from the club. The medical examination was more than satisfactory but the player was programmed from the beginning a special plan back to the team. The club signed Ramos knowing that he did not arrive to play and knowing that he was in the process of recovery.

His return to the group seems close

Meanwhile, Ramos continues to work conscientiously on Camp des Loges. In the club they value his fighting spirit and mentality, something that never ceases to amaze. They have also not seen that the player has shown signs of weakness and the idea of ​​being able to play with three centrals with the one from Beds escorted by Marquinhos and Kimpembe, He continues to excite in Paris because they believe that it will be to take an important leap to achieve all the objectives.

However, they believe that Your return to the group will help you a lot to accelerate your acclimatization and that could happen shortly. Some sources consulted by MARCA even speak of the end of this week and others of the next. The selection break can help Sergio enter the group without the rush that may have played a trick on him before.


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PSG neither wants nor can nor is it interested in firing Ramos