Portland Timbers puts a stop to Real Salt Lake fantasy

Much they spoke and little they demonstrated. Much was saved and success has rewarded them. Who will each story fit?

Portland Timbers He started the year in a way in which he did not see a future to be in a postseason that would see teams like the Seattle Sounders and even the now non-existent more than dominant LA Galaxy. However, as the weeks went by, he grew together despite the multiple injuries that Andy Polo, Sebastián Blanco, Eryk Williamson and others took away. Everything was wrong until today when they celebrated their pass to the grand final of the MLS.

Giovanni Savarse’s men did not have to tire of talking about their rivals each day. His game He relied heavily on the return of Steve Clark to the field and the growth of a midfield that at times continued to live on Diego Valeri, but later he was able to leave him in confidence for the Chará brothers and the Peruvian Marvín Loria. They were the ones who gave head and tail to this group and they were going to be able to celebrate this afternoon also with the hunting nose of Felipe Mora.

In the first finish of the game, the shaking of Providence Park carried over to the legs of Real Salt Lake. when Aaron Herrera could not clear the ball in a good way and left an assist to Mora so that the Chilean arrived on track to the auction and with no option for David Ochoa. Of course this would explode the emotions of the stands and the team, something that the visit could not bear. Without changing his game plan, Mastroeni believed that his team would hold out to make the slightest difference and draw in a surprise play, but the reality is that the host defense did not even let them get close to the frame.

The clearest plays for them were two head shots by Damir Kreilach that went straight to where Clark was located and from there they did not show more than the red card that Aaron Herrera won in the final stretch. A couple of minutes in each half were under the control of Utah, but with nothing that really worried their rival. Their center was annihilated and, as they repeated over and over again in the transmission, the one to zero did not reflect the superiority of Portland, so David Ochoa himself would give them that title and that of the Western Conference.

Since they were no longer allowed to enter the area after Loria’s cross-firing foray, the field had to be opened up and fire started from the outside. In this way, Santiago Moreno, who was highly involved in the absence of Dairon Aspirilla, catapulted his cannon away from the rectangle and crashed the ball into the post., but a miracle from heaven fell for them thanks to the rebound that hit the Mexican-American goalkeeper’s back and took a second direction towards the bottom of the nets.

With those two goals, Real Salt Lake had already run out of ideas, without the heart or the heart to do more. On the green bench, everyone was celebrating ten minutes from the end and they continued to do so minutes later but from the platform that exposed them in front of the entire Providence Park fans that celebrated their third conference championship. Now, all is left to wait for New York City FC or the affected Philadelphia Union. And by waiting, I mean waiting for them at home, because the final will be taking place this cycle from the Cascadia region.

Giovanni Savarese goes for his revenge that glorifies him

Portland Timbers is not a franchise that does not know what it is to be at the top of the MLS. In 2015, led by Caleb Porter, they were champions against the Columbus Crew and in 2018 they were close to repeating, but with a different coach. Giovanni Savarese had that team at his hands, but Atlanta United took away their second title, so now the Venezuelan expects to break his negative mark on December 11.

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Portland Timbers puts a stop to Real Salt Lake fantasy