Norma Palafox mocks Chivas and ends up crying after losing the Final

Women’s MX League

The Pachuca attacker did not see any activity in the second match of the Grand Final that took place in what was once her home.

© Image 7Norma Palafox mocks and ends up crying after losing the Final

Five years ago Norma Palafox was enjoying the honey of being the main reference of Chivas Femenil when they won the championship in the first tournament of the Women’s MX League, beating Pachuca precisely, but life has taken a 180 degree turn and now she ended up with tears in her eyes, being provoked by those who idolized her before.

The attacker was harshly criticized by both the fans of the Sacred Flock and those of Tuzas, because in the Ida game for the Final he entered the court but his best level seems to have been forgotten, andbecause that speed and imbalance that he manifested a few years ago has not appeared at least since he arrived in Pachuca.

Given this, the technician from Hidalgo Juan Carlos Cacho did not want to use Palafox in the commitment held on the field of the Akron Stadium and just in the most important moment of the match when Charlyn Corral was lending himself to collect the penalty that would give the Gophers the tie on the global scoreboard, Some sector of the attendees got into it with the Guadalajara striker who turned to the stands in a mocking way, until she was controlled by one of her companions.

In the end the penalty was saved by the goalkeeper of Chivas, Blanca Félix and the scoreboard no longer moved for the rojiblancas to be crowned, which left Norma Palafox very emotionally ill. who ended up on the grass unable to contain the tears and with severe complaints from the fans, who do not forgive him for leaving the institution.

Poll Do you still remember Norma Palafox fondly?

Do you still remember Norma Palafox fondly?

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Why did Norma Palafox leave Chivas?

In 2020 Palafox decided to leave the Flock to fulfill personal matters, as she herself explained in a message. But the reality is that he ended up entering the reality show Exatlon in the United States where He received between 200 and 300 thousand peos per month, a figure that he was never going to earn as a soccer player from Guadalajara. Later it was also reported about his participation as the image of some brands thanks to a company that is led by Miguel Layún.

Norma Palafox some time ago, pointed out in an interview that I can’t say that I can make a living from soccer, because this league is starting. I hope that in the future I can say it, that it be a support for all women, in the future it will happen, right now it cannot.” Later, in 2021, his return to the courts with the Tuzas was announced once his participation in Exatlón ended, for which he barely resumed his career in the previous tournament. but it is a fact that he has never been able to demonstrate his ability as he did in Chivas.

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Norma Palafox mocks Chivas and ends up crying after losing the Final