Modric tells his secret

Modric spoke on Real Madrid TV on the day of his 37th birthday to analyze how he manages to keep himself in such good shape and playing at the level at which he has been playing for years despite his age. The Croatian sums it up easily: he lives 24 hours a day thinking about football.

The secret of its longevity: “They always ask me for my secret, but I don’t know what to tell you. It’s natural. I live by and for football 24 hours a day. I think that is very important. I love what I do and I am enjoying my profession like never before because I know that I am at a difficult age for a footballer. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying it like never before since you never know how long you can last at this level and at this club, where the demand is maximum. I try to enjoy training and matches. All this helps to be well at this age”.

The start of the Real Madrid season: “I see the team very well. We have started very well. We have a very strong team. As for the midfield, a very important player like Casemiro left us, but here we have many good players to fill in for him. Tchouameni is adapting. This is Camavinga’s second year and he did very well in his first. Kroos takes a long time. Valverde is doing very well in any position they put him in. Ceballos is contributing a lot. We are very well covered in this position.”

The importance of your talent: “I am very grateful because God has given me a talent, but then you have to work and dedicate yourself a lot to what you do, to your profession. Talent without a job doesn’t mean much. You have to work hard to be successful in your profession and do it well.”

Your day to day: “Today, for example, I arrived an hour and a quarter earlier and almost every day I have breakfast here. I do my things with the physical therapists in the gym to go to training already warm. Then I do the training, some days we train harder and others not so much. Later, depending on how I feel, I stay to do things with the physios, whatever I need. Then I go home to spend time with family and children. I pick them up from school almost every day. It’s a bit boring, isn’t it?

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Modric tells his secret