Mexico will compete very well in the World Cup, promises Martino

GIRONA — Optimistic and excited, Gerardo Martino, coach of the Mexican National Team, made a specific assessment of the state of Raul Jimenez and from the moment in which he sees his team for the debut against Poland in the World Cup in Qatar, after the defeat this Wednesday night against Sweden by 2-1.

“Even losing the game, I am very satisfied with what has been done these days in Girona,” Martino replied. “I leave with the feeling that we are going to compete very well (in the World Cup). I go into the locker room and see the players very involved in football issues and issues to be resolved. All this gives me hope, and gives me the certainty that we are going to compete very well, ”he said.

“I liked that (Mexico) beat the rival and should have won the game. And what set pieces, we are going to find Poland. They are teams that go into space ahead and if you make a mistake, you pay for it. Raúl Jiménez was able to do 45 minutes without any physical problem, ”he said.

“I can’t make an assessment of Raúl after this game. Our expectations were high and luckily it ended well. I don’t measure the number nine by the goals they score, but by what they contribute to the team in the generation of the game”.

He clarifies that the changes he carried out were not desperate measures, but that they were all fully contemplated to be carried out, at the moments in which they were planned. “They didn’t go because we were losing.”

On the other hand, Gerardo Martino, between realism and resignation, knows that the skepticism of the people is not going to change in any other way than with direct results in the World Cup.

“When they asked me a year ago, after the finals they lost to the United States, when things get to that point, it will be difficult to recover, unless you win all the games. Otherwise, you can’t. Neither what I say, nor what the players strive for, the only way is to solve it with results in the World Cup, ”he added.

The Mexican National Team will travel to Doha this Thursday, with the intention of making the last adjustments in the special monastery, prepared in the city of Sumaysimah, located 33 kilometers from the center of Qatar.

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Mexico will compete very well in the World Cup, promises Martino