Messi’s contract with Barcelona expired and he has already received offers from his childhood club, Liga MX and the ‘worst team in the world’

Messis contract with Barcelona expired and he has already received

Several clubs have launched their proposals to Messi on social networks in the hope of tempting him to leave the Camp Nou

Lionel messi He is now officially a free agent after his massive four-year, € 500 million contract with Barcelona expired at the stroke of midnight on July 1.

The Argentine international’s contract was the largest signed by an athlete in the history of the sport, dwarfing even the contracts offered to stars of the sport. NFL, MLB and NBA.

Naturally, the Barça is working on the renovation of the star, but the club’s debt of one billion euros, the financial impact of the pandemic of COVID-19 And the rules of financial fair play mean they won’t be able to offer Messi a new deal as big as the one that just expired.

“We want you to stay and Leo wants to stay, everything is on track “, said to Zero Wave the president of the club, Joan Laporta. “We still have to solve [el asunto] of the Financial Fairplay … we are in the process of finding the best solution for both parties “.

It is likely that Laporta find a way to make room in the budget of the Barça what for Messi stay a few more years, although the news that the 34-year-old could – only could – be available has sparked hundreds of reactions around the world of soccer.

The six-time winner of the Golden Ball he’s been linked to European heavyweights like Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, who are realistically the only two other elite clubs that could afford to sign him. However, as expected, several other clubs have launched their proposals to Messi on social media in the hope of tempting him to leave the Camp Nou.

Newell’s Old Boys, the childhood team of Messi in his hometown Rosario, was one of the first to make his interest known, pulling the strings of the heart of the star of the Barça in an attempt to convince him to return home.

The Argentine team tweeted a photo of Messi with the club shirt, which was put on as a tribute to Diego Maradona by scoring his first goal after the Argentine legend’s death last year.

If that wasn’t enough Newell’s published an image of a banner that is displayed in his Marcelo Bielsa Stadium that says: “Messi: Your dream is our illusion. Newell’s Old Boys encourages you and waits.”

Coincidentally, a gigantic new mural of Messi on the side of a building in his old neighborhood will be officially unveiled by the city of Rosario on Thursday. Messi has said several times in the past that he would like to return to Newell’s at the end of his career. Maybe it will happen sooner than expected.

On the other hand, the Puebla of Liga MX He also showed his interest in signing the Albiceleste star and even assured that they had already sent him a direct message to start the talks.

Messi also received a formal contract offer from Ibis Sport club, the small Brazilian team that once proudly claimed to be the “worst soccer team in the world”. This came after Ibis entered the Guinness World Record Books for failing to win a single game over a period of three years and 11 months in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

“Hello, we are very happy because your contract is about to end. Therefore, we are here with a proposal for you to play in the worst team in the world”, the club wrote when presenting the terms of its contract, which includes several unusual conditions:

  • 1-Duration of 15 years in the contract. As of July 1, 2021

  • 2-Salary based on performance (by merit)

  • 3-You cannot score many goals (cause for termination of the contract)

  • 4-You cannot be champion (reason for termination of the contract)

  • 5-You can not wear the number 10 shirt (it is for the legend of the Ibis cult, Mauro Shampoo)

  • 6-Swear three times in the mirror that Pelé is much better Maradona

There was an equally optimistic offer on the table of the FC Volendam, who introduced him to Messi a comprehensive list of reasons why his humble club in the Dutch second division would be the perfect next destination for him.

Good fish? Clever. Nice orange uniform? Clever.

On the other hand, the Real Salt Lake of the Major League Soccer went to the trouble to joke with a picture of Messi wearing the club uniform.

Finally, Messi the opportunity presented itself to prove his worth on a cold, damp Tuesday night in Stoke with the former striker Jonathan Walters, trying to convince his old club to sign Messi.