Messi: “The final is my last game in a World Cup”

As in every good book or movie, everything has its end. This was confirmed by Leo Messi in a statement for Olé, the final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 will be “the last dance” of Argentina in a World Cup. Since he debuted more than fifteen years ago at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the Rosario has managed to become a legend in the competition, breaking several records in his four participations.

A Messi with 35 years in his legs, still has gunpowder in his legs, if not ask Croatia. However, the PSG star would reach the 2026 World Cup at the age of 39. “A lot of happinessbe able to get this. Ending my World Cup journey by playing my last match in a final. Everything I experienced in this World Cup is something very exciting, what people experienced, how people are enjoying it in Argentina”, The attacker started saying, letting it fall that the end is near.

Surely yes, surely the final game will be my last game. There are many years for the next World Cup and I don’t think it will give me. End this way, it’s the best”, Leo Messi would end up clarifying for the Argentine medium. Next Sunday’s final takes a different approach to the one it already had. Being able to fire what many consider to be the best player of all time with a star under his arm would be the finishing touch to a career full of success.

The match against Croatia brings one step closer to the great goal that the group set itself before beginning its journey in the Qatari desert. “The truth is that many things go through our heads, we are going to play the last game, which is what we want. I’ve been enjoying it a lot for a long time”, recognized the captain of the Albiceleste.

Regarding Julián Álvarez’s great game, Messi could not do anything more than praise his teammate. “Today Julián stands out above all, he opened the way for us, he fought, he ran, he fought with everyone. He generated, it was very important as in this World Cup and he deserves it”. To which he would add: “Beyond the fact that we started losing (with Saudi Arabia), we were confident that this group was going to pull it off.”

He only asks the fans for one thing, trust. The group is prepared to leave everything on the field. “I tell the fans to trust, this group is crazy, we are going to play one more world final, to enjoy all this. I remember my family, as I always say, which is the best for me. The most important thing, that he accompanied me, always. We have had a hard, good time, and now I have to live a spectacular one, enjoying with the people here and in Argentina, which must be crazy”.

‘The last dance’ is the most special, especially when an ecstatic Messi has managed to throw an entire nation on his back, breaking records in his wake. “I don’t know if it’s my best World Cup, I’ve been enjoying this very much for a while, since we arrived. What we experienced since we had to start losing, we know what we are and what this group can give. Argentina is once again in a World Cup final and we have to enjoy it, we are going to give our best in the final, leave everything to try to win it”.

In addition, the ’10’ was clear about whether he would consider Argentina a favorite to win the cup. “We knew we could do it, we never lied, we weren’t the top candidate but we weren’t going to give anything away. Coming out of a very difficult one, we were very confident, it can happen or not, small details change a game. This group was clearbeyond the fact that we had to start losing ”.

Words for Lionel Scaloni

“I think this group is very intelligent, they know how to read the moments of each game. Lor Scaloni had said, he knows how to suffer when he must suffer, read the games, when to withdraw and when to press. With a very good coaching staff that leaves nothing to chance. That every detail shows it to you and then it happens. We knew the game was going to be this way and that’s why we didn’t despair, we knew it was going to be our strength when we recovered because the three in the middle left a lot of space. A bit of all that, is what this group has”.

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Messi: “The final is my last game in a World Cup”