“Messi CM”: Leo published a photo during the early morning from the hotel in Paraguay and it became a trend in the networks

Messi traveled to Paraguay with the Argentine national team to play in the Qualifiers (Photo: EFE)

Eyes wide open staring at the camera dressed in the clothes of the Argentina national team and a plain white pillow for support. Is all it took Lionel messi to become a trend quickly during the early morning on social networks after share a photo from the hotel room where the albiceleste wait for the match against Paraguay for the 11th date of the Qualifiers.

Leo uploaded the simple image to his stories from Instagram when the dawn already began to run. But that was not a barrier: the term “Messi CM” climbed among the most mentioned in Twitter with thousands of fans sharing the photo and making different jokes about Rosario in “community manager” mode (the person responsible for managing a virtual account).

The last stories that Messi published on Instagram and generated a furor in the networks
The last stories that Messi published on Instagram and generated a furor in the networks

The reference of the users is because the official account of the 34-year-old footballer in Instagram, which accumulates more than 272 million followers, many times it is handled by a person specialized in social networks that shares the organic posts and keeps the profile active. However, on other occasions Leo takes control of the publications without becoming too much trouble by the methods indicated by the supposed gurus of the subject so that each shared thing generates more reactions. Sure, it’s Messi.

The topic in this case, as it already did during a large number of posts and comments during the America’s Cup, is that the captain did not go with too many detours and he simply wanted to connect with the millions of fans who are always attentive to his every step that has been in his career for more than two decades.

The count of number 30 of Paris Saint Germain was very active in the last hours and another one of the pearls that left in the afternoon of Wednesday was in the answers of your last post. He shared a photo with Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Ángel Di María, Papu Gómez and Nicolás Otamendi – the group that seems closest to the captain in this new era of the Albiceleste– from the property of Ezeiza and all eyes were posed in the comments of the different members of the image, a fact that has been repeated before each post of the Rosario leader with the national team’s clothing.

Beyond the world of social networks, The figure of Messi was on everyone’s lips during the last hours due to the interview he gave to the French magazine France Football in which he made a forceful reference to his departure from Barcelona. However, many emphasized a key detail: the golden background on the cover that has him as the protagonist. The most observant related this cover to the fact that the Next November 29, the emblematic French media will deliver a new Ballon d’Or in Paris and Messi has all the numbers to add the seventh of his career.


Messi CM memes
Messi CM memes