Marcelo Flores with total commitment to the Mexican National Team; Diego Abreu still in doubt

The Arsenal forward will participate again with Mexico in a friendly tournament, although Canada is still trying to convince Marcelo Flores to represent his team

In the convocation of the U-20 Mexican National Team for the Revelations Cup, to be played in Celaya, highlighted the absence of Diego Abreu, who plays in Uruguay, and the assistance of Marcelo Flores placeholder image, which is part of the Arsenal of England. This is because the Gunners player has shown “total commitment” to Mexico, while coach Luis Pérez decided not to summon the son of Crazy Abreu.

“We see a Marcelo Flores placeholder image very committed to Mexican team, increasingly mature, understanding the idea of ​​the game, for me it is important that they come convinced to come to Mexico, we have found a Marcelo very accessible. It is the conviction of each one of them that defines a lot ”, said Luis Pérez, technician of the U-20 Mexican National Team, prior to the debut in the Revelations Cup.

Marcelo Flores placeholder image, according to sources consulted by ESPN Digital, continues in the sights of the Canadian National Team, who has tried to get closer to the 18-year-old footballer, because he can play for that country, but the Arsenal player has responded to the Tricolor calls and is among those chosen to make the process towards the U-20 World Cup.

“We want all the young people who come to be convinced of defending our country, we know what work to do and they have to convince themselves that the best option is Mexico”.

For its part, Diego Abreu was not summoned for the championship in which they participate Mexico, Colombia, the United States and Brazil, in addition to having been in calls for the Uruguay National Team.

Abreu It is still considered, as we have seen, different names have appeared, we want to prioritize some of them, we have decided to make evaluations from here to the Premundial, anyone who is eligible has the doors open, The structure of the Mexican team It is very big and it is essential to bring in the best, those who are at their best, ”explained Luis Pérez.


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Marcelo Flores with total commitment to the Mexican National Team; Diego Abreu still in doubt