Madrid thrashing in the US

In the Madrid There’s a feeling that this summer’s North American tour may be an unprecedented success. Even none. Because the number of madridistas in USA It has exploded in recent years, dressed in a historic season, with the ‘Fourteenth of the comebacks’ serving as the icing and the flag. A few years ago the Madrid-Barcelona rivalry in terms of number of fans in the United States was very even. Almost on par. But the dynamics have led in opposite directions: the madridista furor has gone to more and the culésince Messi’s goodbye and with the club losing muscle, unless.

Dozens of madridistas, on the banks of the Metlife Stadium, before the 2019 Real Madrid-Atlético derby.


Dozens of madridistas, on the banks of the Metlife Stadium, before the 2019 Real Madrid-Atlético derby.Chema DiazAS Journal

Pulse of rocks: 17-9

Madrid has almost twice as many supporters clubs as Barcelona in the United States. 17 white; nine azulgranas. That is the balance at the moment; only counting the official ones, of course. There is a state that doubles meringue: New York. Guarded by the Empire State are the Brooklyn and New York City Madrid supporters clubs. PBut the palm is taken by California, with up to four officers: Los Angeles, Norcal, San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. The rest of the madridismo is scattered throughout the country, from Boston to Georgia, passing through Charlotte, Houston, Miami, Texas, Chicago or Washington.

Official supporters clubs of Real Madrid in the United States: 17

name of the rock Location
Atlanta Georgia
Boston Boston
brooklyn New York
Charlotte NC North Carolina
The Angels California
New York City New York
Norcal California
Providence Providence
real madrid houston Texas
Real Madrid South Florida Florida
real madrid texas Texas
San Francisco Bay Area California
st charles Missouri
Southern California California
Washington D.C. Washington
Windy City Chicago
royal zone Piscataway

The Barcelonafor its part, has nine official clubs in United States. On the east coast is the bulk, with four in total: Garden State Blaugrana (New Jersey), Barcelonista from Washington DC, Blaugrana from Charlotte and Barcelonista from Miami-DADE (Florida). On the west coast, throughout California, there are three others: San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. While the other two meet, both, in Texas, one in Dallas and one in Houston. It should be noted that if those from Canada were added, Barcelona would cut one, since it has two (Montreal and Toronto), for only one from Real Madrid (Vancouver).

Official supporters clubs of Barcelona in the United States: 9

name of the rock Location
Garden State Blaugrana New Jersey
Barcelona player from Washington DC Washington D.C.
Charlotte’s Blaugrana charlotte
Barcelona player from Miami – DADE Florida
barca dallas Texas
Blaugrana Houston – AICS Texas
Barcelonista from San Francisco California
Los Angeles Blaugrana California
San Diego Blaugrana California

white rage

This merengue hegemony has fired up the levels of enthusiasm ahead of the July tour. Specifically, before the big date of that expedition: the Classic in Las Vegas on Saturday 23 (the date is not official; it is informal). It will be a repeat of what happened in 2017: that time Barcelona won 3-2. It was a Classic without chains. In a matter of 7 minutes, the azulgranas won 0-2 with goals from Messi and Rakitic. Kovacic and Asensio equalized before the break and Piqué, already in the second half, resolved. There were so few defenses that Keylor Navas and Cillessen stood out. That game will be the turning point of a tour of the Americas in which more madridistas than ever are expected. White victory in the stands… assured?

The Allegiant Stadium, the stage that will host the Las Vegas Classic on July 23.


The Allegiant Stadium, the stage that will host the Las Vegas Classic on July 23.Matthew StockmanAFP

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Madrid thrashing in the US