Madrid have not lost faith in Mbappé’s reasons

After a few very busy days, with statements from all parties and strong attacks from PSG towards Real Madrid, the future of Kylian Mbappé it has been strongly agitated, although it is not yet known whether it has moved in any direction. Taking into account certain words of the player in RMC and L’Équipe, it would seem that he is clear about signing for Madrid as of January 1; Considering others from his mother on talks to renew with PSG, Parisian fans would have reason for optimism.

But at Real Madrid they keep the faith and the good face in which the efforts carried out in recent years will bear fruit and in that, as of January, Mbappé will be willing to sign his signature on a contract with Real Madrid. They know in the Madrid club that the pressure in the coming months will be very strong, that the PSG fans are already playing their role, with constant whistles to the striker, and that France as a whole is going to try to keep Kylian in the country. But at Real Madrid they trust Mbappé’s reasons.

A dream since childhood

In a football in which money is usually the determining factor, Mbappé has shown with his non-renewal with PSG a genuine desire to play for Real Madrid, a desire rooted in his childhood, in those images of a child in his room at the Parisian neighborhood of Bondy, with the walls completely covered with posters of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the Madrid shirt (he has confessed that his idols are the Portuguese and Michael Jordan). In fact, his path as a white player could start much earlier, in 2012, when he visited the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas and he was tempted by Madrid; his family decided it was too early for him to leave France; the following year he joined the training structure of Monaco.

Mbappé, as a child, a Real Madrid fan.

When he went to PSG in 2017, from Monaco, it was for sporting reasons (he was not clear about his ownership with the BBC still in force) and also for economic reasons (Madrid could not pay him what he asked for so as not to unbalance the salary scale of the locker room). But it was clear that Madrid was on his mind when Vadim Vasilyev, vice president of Monaco, confessed in ‘Telefoot’ what Mbappé told him to ask him to sell to PSG (the Monegasque club preferred not to empower a direct rival): “Real Madrid will wait for me.” And he was right, Madrid waited for him. And he responded to that wait, as he explained in L’Équipe: “If I had gone this summer, it would only have been to Madrid.”

Be the center of the project

Mbappé has been sliding for a long time that he wants to be the center of the sports project in the team in which he plays. In the summer of 2019 it could not be clearer, at the French football gala after the end of the 2018-19 academic year: “Maybe it’s time to have more responsibility, maybe at PSG, maybe somewhere else …”. On his recent interview at Le Parisien, his mother, Fayza Lamari, again emphasized that concept: “Kylian wants to be at the center of a sports project. It needs constant challenges ”.

In fact, at the moment the potential of PSG seems greater than that of Madrid, but for Lamari that is not final: Four years ago, Real were more attractive than PSG and we chose PSG. This summer, Kylian decided on Madrid because he wanted to make his dream come true and start your story there. Now, if Kylian joins Madrid, plus three or four players in the next four years, this team is not the same. “Madrid has already promised Mbappé that everything will revolve around him and PSG, who promised him the same, it has acted in the opposite direction: first he renewed Neymar and then he signed Mbappé, relegating the French to a third step.

Less salary, more global image

What all parties know is that, if salary were the decisive part, Mbappé would renew with PSG. Madrid have made efforts in recent years to reach this point in a situation of total solvency, but they know that the emirate of Qatar constantly nurtures PSG and that competing there is difficult. The white club will give Kylian a galactic salary and, in addition, it will compensate the differences with the PSG offer with the marketing and image rights, which the white club usually shares with the footballers and which will grow exponentially with Mbappé in white, as often happens. with all those who sign for Real Madrid. So it was with Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Cristiano, Beckham …

Combining both factors, Madrid is convinced that their offer will be totally attractive so that Mbappé feels that he does not lose money by playing for the Madrid club. The footballer’s mother made it clear recently: Today, the advantage of having money is that we make decisions that are not dictated by money. If we had renovated, we would be richer. Also if we hadn’t turned down a lot of marketing contracts. We are incredibly lucky to have money, but it is not an end in itself. Kylian does not play football for money, otherwise he would not have achieved everything he did ”.

A prison of gold

Mbappé also knows that the renewal by PSG could be a poisoned candy, especially if it is not done with release clauses that avoid situations like that of this past summer. PSG has shown itself to be an inflexible team when it comes to considering the requests of its players to change of scene: Verratti, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Rabiot … If Mbappé extends his contract with PSG, he already knows that the Emir of Qatar will not allow him to leave even one day before the contract ends. It is the golden prison that Donato di Campli spoke of, the former agent of Verratti, who tried to get him out of the club and ended up abandoned by the footballer, in favor of Mino Raiola, and ignored by PSG.

Mbappé himself reported in RMC the fear he felt when he saw how Nasser Al-Khelaïfi declared that he would not leave PSG, neither transferred nor free: It’s scary when your president says, “He’ll never go free.” When I heard that, I choked. I was thinking, “So what’s going to happen here? Nor I wanted to react hot, because, when I heard that, I said to myself: “Oula …”. Leonardo’s words in August, stressing that they were not happy with the footballer, They have not helped the striker to change his mind either.

The double K

Benzema’s return to the French team last summer, after closing the wounds he had open with coach Deschamps, allowed him to see a forward with Mbappé that failed to lead France to the title in the Eurocup, although he did shine: Benzema scored four so many in the appointment, assisted twice by Mbappé. The harmony between the two has been total from the beginning, as Kylian himself revealed when Karim’s return to Clairefontaine was announced in social networks. The double K of soccer had just been born.

Benzema and Mbappé.

The problem for Mbappé is that opportunities are running out and the teams do not meet as much as he would like to be able to share more locker room and grass with Benzema. In addition, a possible conviction for Karim in the Valbuena Case trial (October 20-22 in Versailles) could again separate him from the national team. And the age difference between the two is remarkable: Benzema is 33 years old, which will be 34 in December; Mbappé, just 22, 23 in December (to top it off, they have their birthday on consecutive days; Karim on 19, Kylian on 20). Benzema has two more years of contract with Madrid, and then his performance will tell whether or not he can continue. Two years that Mbappé wants to share with his friend and attacking partner.