Latasa, the different striker

Nor it is very common to see physicists like yours on the green of a pitch. It is more typical of other types of sports and when they appear with cleated boots to practice what they know how to do best, they tend to be pigeonholed very easily. Juanmi Latasa (20 years old) wants to break the norm and he does it with the ball at his feet and scoring goals like those achieved at the Johann Cruyff last Saturday against the Barça subsidiary.

The rate exceeds one hundred and ninety centimeters, but that does not mean that he is the typical resource forward, the one who is only there for the aerial balls, exploiting his physique. Not at all. Qhe wants the ball and his football goes through a good treatment to the ballwithout giving up what your body gives you advantage over your rivals.

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Ral González is giving him the place, space and confidence necessary so that his football is decisive, as in his day it was also given Manu Fernndez, current manager of the Real Madrid academy. From the hand of the one who was seven white, the Spanish international in lower categories, He has six goals and has become the attacking reference for a Castilla that is flirting with the promotion phase thanks to the growth of players who, in addition to training, are occasionally seen by the first team.

In previous seasons, even in the present one, injuries have played tricks on a striker who has drawn the attention of top-tier teams, but both the player and his agent, Juanma López, are clear that their place is Real Madrid, at least until the end of the season. With a contract until 2024, the Whites’ coaches and leaders are clear that they want to continue to have a player who, before signing for Real Madrid, belonged to the Adarve youth academy.

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The Saturday’s match against Barcelona Bit was expected that players with a presence in the Barça first team such as Jutgl or Abde or the castillistas Marvin, Peter or Antonio Blanco would be the ones to stand out, but in the end It was Latasa who, with two goals, took center stage.

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Latasa, the different striker