La Chofis talks about criticism and its future: ‘Words are blown away’

The former Chivas player said he intends to continue his MLS career with the San José Earthquakes

UNITED STATES – The midfielder of the San Jose Earthquakes, Eduardo Lopez, assured that, although there were doubts after his arrival at the MLS, assumed the challenge with responsibility and commitment to respond only on the court.

“It’s like any player who comes to a new league, there are always doubts whether he will adapt well or not. People did not think that I would do it in my case, and those are the kinds of challenges that I like. We always have to. demonstrate with actions, not with words. Words are carried by the wind. I have had unique experiences living here, “he acknowledged.

Regarding your future, Chofis Lopez emphasized that he would like to continue in the MLS.

“I am very grateful and happy to be here. I don’t like to think too much about the future. I would love for my future to be here, but we will look forward to what is to come. Whether here or anywhere else, I will always be at your disposal, and today I feel more mature in football terms. so I hope to improve next year, “he concluded.

The youth squad of Guadalajara has risen in market value, after scoring 12 touchdowns and making three assists in the 2021 season with the team of Saint Joseph.

Currently, the team of Saint Joseph he is the one who has the greatest advantage over the future of the player, since he has two options at the table: the first is to pay the player’s token and keep him permanently; the second is to extend the loan until June 2022.


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La Chofis talks about criticism and its future: ‘Words are blown away’