Kroos: “It was difficult for me to start, but now I can say that I am fine”


11/12/2021 –

Toni Kroos always leaves headlines in his interviews and again has spoken clearly about the new stage of the Real Madrid with Ancelotti and also his upcoming personal challenges, once he recovered from his injury and now that he has resigned from the German national team. The German with the most matches in the history of the white club, with 328, addresses all of these issues.

His state of form: “I’m fine, it took me a lot to start with the injury I had but today I can say that I’m fine after playing many games. The break now helps me to rest, I have played almost all of the last six games and now I have to work a bit specific. I can handle the job well. “

First part of the Madrid season: “There are some very good things, we are good in both competitions but there is room to improve and that is good. When you play with a new coach who wants something else, it is normal that it costs a little sometimes. The results are good but we can improve. There is time to improve. “

The goal against Rayo: “I also like to score goals but I’m not here to score all the goals. I have other more important things that I can give the team. I score few goals but I like it more at the Bernabu.”

The goal he saved against Rayo: “The master told me that it was like scoring two goals. He had to score a player and I told the second coach that if he scored individually he would not do well and that he would do better in space and it worked.”

What does Ancelotti ask of you: “He knows me very well and I know him very well. He knows very well what I can give the team and what I need to be comfortable. There are few who know me like him.”

What Kroos brings to Madrid: “It is better for others to say it. Everyone knows what my game is like, I try to give control, that my teammates are comfortable … They know me and I try to give everything to the team.”

How are Kroos and Madrid alike: “The player must adapt to the club and all the people at the club, all of them, have made it very easy for me. In a club like this you have to be successful because it demands a lot but we have had it.”

Who are you looking at for orientation changes: “The secret is to train. Each player can do it, but the important thing is to do it perfectly, at the necessary moment. In games, with pressure, it is something else. And it is to train him because he is a technique.”

Your academy through the application: “From my heart I promise that with this application you can improve, all children, but also the elderly. Because they are the exercises that we still do today: shots, controls … I choose the exercises because I know what is needed. in the videos. And on the other hand, there are other things like situations in games, what happens in the day-to-day of a professional player, of a Madrid footballer. I think it’s interesting. There are many more things than training and me. The idea is that it gets better with this and there is a function within the application where you can record yourself with the exercise and receive feedback from me or the trainers. It is a very important project for me. “

The message to the youth: “First do the exercises to improve, train and train … And make good decisions. To reach a professional level sometimes you have to say no to things and it is not easy, I have lived it. There is only one way for football. professional”.

His life in Madrid: “It is what people know the least. We live very quietly, like a normal family. A bit far from the center. Two children go to school, another to kindergarten …”.

The new Bernabu: “It is already the best stadium and it will be even more so. If you see the images how it will be, it is impressive. I really want to play in the new stadium and hopefully I can do it.”

Challenges for this season: “In this club you want to win all the competitions. For me, the first thing is to have a good season without injuries from now on and if I feel good I am calm because successes will come. If we enjoy ourselves we can all win things. I can say that You have to win the League, the Champions League, but sometimes it is difficult to control it. We are well prepared. “


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Kroos: “It was difficult for me to start, but now I can say that I am fine”