Koeman supports Coutinho and condemns Moriba

BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman announced vacation for Pedri “after the San Mamés game,” he ruled out physical problems of Gerard piqué, surprised by proclaiming his support for Philippe Coutinho… And he sent a direct message, clear and stark, to Ilaix Moriba, of whom he said he was “very disappointed”. The first press conference of the Dutch coach in which the name of Lionel messi it wasn’t just anything …

“I am very disappointed with Ilaix and his agents. I believe more in football than in contracts and when you are 18 years old money cannot be that important,” said Koeman, who acknowledged having spoken personally with the youth soccer player and hinted that his conversation it didn’t help. “I spoke to him two or three weeks ago, more as a person than as a coach. His situation is horrible because he is the future of the club but he is not with us and I know from the club what they want to offer the player. My advice is that money is not the most important thing now, but playing games … But the player and his people think differently ”, the coach discovered, making his position on the matter clear.

Ilaix was not the only ‘extra sports’ protagonist at the Barça coach’s press conference, who rushed to differentiate Coutinho from Miralem Pjanic or Samuel Umtiti, supporting the first to the same extent that sentenced the remaining two. “Coutinho is out because I think he needs at least one more week to train with the group to be called up,” he revealed, proclaiming that the Brazilian “can be important for Barça and I do count on him this season because he is a great player.”

If the message of support for the Brazilian was clear, it was as much or more so when referring to Umtiti and Pjanic. “Both are very difficult to have minutes and the final decision always has to be theirs”, Koeman revealed dryly, repeating that both, out of the call for the second consecutive week “have a very complicated situation.” It is not the case of Lenglet, in the opinion of many fallen from grace but of whom the coach said he was sure: “Lenglet is the only left-handed central defender we have and he will have his chances. This week there is only one game but after the league break there will be two a week and we need all the players ”, he announced, solving that if the situation in Umtiti is already clear,“ I am happy to have five or six centers because we need them ”.

Koeman also announced that Pedri “will have two weeks off after the San Mamés match” and that he will not be included in the call for the Spanish team: “I have already spoken with Luis Enrique but I cannot explain more than we will give him two weeks of vacation because Pedri needs it. “

“I think he should stay,” he resolved when asked about the future of Braithwaite, with whom he said he was delighted. “If there is interest, we will have to listen, but Martin is doing very well for us. He plays in different positions at the top and the other day he already showed that he is important for the team. I love playing with him because he is very disciplined and also accepts his role of not always playing, “he said.

“It is neither my problem nor does it interest me. He is a great player who will have to choose where he wants to go or if he wants to stay,” he cut when asked about the possible signing of Kylian mbappI was for Real Madrid … and he distanced himself from the option that the number ’10’ would remain unallocated in the squad after Messi’s departure, agreeing that this decision “is a matter for the club … It is a decision that has to take the club and not the coach ”, he affirmed emphatically, stating that” my opinion is not important “… Without the need, for the first time, to refer to Messi’s definitive absence in the first person.