Joao Félix, two games out due to his expulsion against Athletic

MADRID – The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) imposed two penalties on the Portuguese striker of Atlético de Madrid João Felix after being sent off with two yellow cards in the match of the fifth day of LaLiga Santander, last Saturday against Athletic Bilbao.

The RFEF reported that Competition punished the Portuguese with a match for his expulsion for double warning and with another for conduct contrary to good sports order when he was expelled, after the ball he threw into the stands when he left the field. The sanction prevents him from playing today against Getafe, in match of the sixth day.

Competition dismissed Atlético’s allegations against the warning, together with the videographic evidence, since “only the evidence of a manifest error in the arbitration report would break the veracity of the same and would allow the warning received by the player to be nullified.”

Atlético alleged this error in the minutes of Extremadura referee Jesús Gil Manzano and, although he admitted the contact, defended that “it was the consequence of a natural movement of the player’s body when running and actually caused by the opposing player who, according to his words, ‘he pounced on him in his attempt to obstruct him.’

“However, in the opinion of this Competition Committee, there would be insufficient proof of the alleged manifest material error. It will be necessary in any case that it is a clear or patent error, regardless of any opinion, assessment, interpretation or legal qualification that may be done, circumstances that do not occur in this case, “he resolved.

The minutes of the match reflected that Joao Felix was cautioned “in the 78th minute for hitting an opponent with his arm recklessly after being fouled” and that he saw the second yellow just after for addressing the referee “with his index finger. on the temple as a sign of disagreement after being reprimanded, “as the referee recorded in the minutes.

Also, in the section on other incidents, he included in reference to the Portuguese attacker that Joao Félix, “once expelled and when he was heading to the dressing room tunnel, he hit a ball with his foot, throwing it into the stands as a sign of disagreement.

In addition to the sanction on Joao Félix, the Competition Committee imposed two sanction matches on Andrea Berta, Atlético’s sports director, for attitudes of contempt or disregard for the referees, since, according to the minutes, at the end of the match “he addressed to the fourth official telling him this referee is very bad, he is not going to come here again, here ever again. “