Ilaix: “Many lies have been told; there has been no fair play”

Ilaix Moriba has broken his silence about the situation that he lived these last weeks in the Barcelona in his presentation this Wednesday as a player of the RB Leipzig. “Many lies have been told,” said the youth squad. Do not forget that the entity decided not to let him work under the orders of Koeman for not having accepted the renewal proposal that the player considered insufficient.

“The last few months have been the most difficult of my life, we have received ugly messages but we have been able to endure to be here, I did not deserve those messages. Many things have been said that are not true and we had to keep quiet out of respect. that we have Barcelona, ​​things that have been said in the press have not been fair play, “explained Ilaix.

The last few months have been the hardest of my life


This is how RB Leipzig made the signing of Ilaix Moriba official

Anyway, the medium wants to turn the page as soon as possible. “I have improved at Barcelona, ​​due to the support of the fans, although in recent months some have not known how to behave. I am not going to judge the fans by those people. Barcelona I will always have him in my heart, they have been complicated months but he has already calmed down and I wish the best to the club and all the young people, especially to Ansu, I have seen that they have given him the ten and he is the one to take it and I wish him the best “.

Ilaix has recognized that it has been difficult for him to leave the Camp Nou, but he already wants to start defending the shirt of the Leipzig. Finally, the player has been asked about the reunion he will have with Leo Messi on the Champions.

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“It is the dream of any child to play with Messi, what it does is incredible. The best thing is that he is a very good person outside, he tries to help young people. Confront us? we will shake hands, but when the game starts there is no more friendship, each one defends his club and I will give everything for him Leipzig“, has affirmed.