Coquelin avoids an upset to a disoriented Villarreal

ANDhe Villarreal saved the victory in a match with goals Y alternatives on the scoreboard what do you know complic more of the account to the submarine. It was Coquelin who scored the winning goal in the minute 88′ after his team came back from an initial 0-1 deficit and after declaring match a 3-1 favorable. No one expected so much suffering due to the difference in level between the two teams, but the Conference has already shown the submarine – that it has not received not a goal in four games of League- that Europe does not give away victories.

To Villarreal he seemed out of place and he paid for it with a goal in the second minute of the match. In a stadium that is not theirs, before 10,000 viewers -good entrance in spite of everything- and at snack time, no mistake should be allowed. Nevertheless, isak force the error Of the at the ball exit and assisted to Skoras will score at will. The pair of strikers of the Polish team hit without warning and it was an ordeal for the submarine.

Villarreal did more difficult. pass the phase of darkness with the lights that turn on Chukwueze and Baena. The team of Emery not only remont but show off your stripes marking three goals in eight minutes. The Nigerian striker volleyed a cross past Mojica to establish a tie that calmed the yellow spirits. Baena he made a double in the 36′ and 40′ that put land in the middle and seemed to sink definitely to the team Van de Brom who had sent a baln to the crossbar in a very choppy shot of dagerstal at 38′.

But the Spanish team entered the second time with identical mistake at the start of the match. Mandi I made penalty by hands to the minute of the restart and Ishak pressed the marker transforming it through the center. and oh nerves increased of some players who are part of Villarreal’s second unit and who sit required to dispatch the party without complications. But Lech Poznań He closed his lines while looking for a tie by sending balls to his forwards. Skoras received on his back in the semicircle and I attended Ishak who crossed before Jorgensen to put the tie and mute the City of Valencia.

The Villarreal hid his distress and Emery took out Parejo, Gerard and Pino to fix the result as it were. The Catalan striker put a cross into the area to which the Polish defense responded with a short clearance. Coquelin control on the edge of the area and scored 4-3 with a great shot. There was still time for the Poles to look for a draw again, but Jorgensen cover the goal well.

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Coquelin avoids an upset to a disoriented Villarreal