Colo-Colo vs. Tickets Real Betis Sausalito Stadium, Vina del Mar – Vina del Mar



The wrong acquisition of tickets and not respecting the locations for each fan, will deny entry to the stadium.

Laguna Gallery: Swollen Colo-Colo

Sale only for local public.

We inform the public that the schedules may be subject to last-minute changes, due to acts of God or force majeure, which arise as a result of the country situation. The foregoing is carried out prior order and notice from the ANFP and is with the aim of safeguarding the safety of the attendees and that the event takes place in optimal conditions.

Terms and conditions of use. Electronic tickets (hereinafter E-Tickets) and Tickets are issued by Punto Ticket for the account and order of the event organizer. Punto Ticket is not the organizer, producer and/or promoter of the event to which the E-Tickets and Tickets correspond. Punto Ticket only facilitates the acquisition of E-Tickets and Tickets, limiting itself to providing payment and verification of their authenticity at the time of their presentation to enter the event. Likewise, the use of E-Tickets and Tickets are subordinated to the following General Terms and Conditions:
1.-E-Tickets and Tickets may be presented only once to enter the event and will only be considered valid to enter the event as long as they have been purchased through Punto Ticket.
2.- Entry to this event may be denied if the E-Ticket or Ticket is damaged or disfigured in such a way that it is not possible to read the barcode contained therein.
3.- The entrance to the event can be denied in case the E-Ticket or Ticket is presented for the second time to enter the event.
4.- If the date of the event changes, the ticket will be valid for the new date set by the organizer. If an event is canceled, the organizer will have a period of 90 days from the scheduled date of the event to refund the ticket price.
5.- The organizer of the event reserves the exercise of the right of admission and permanence.
6.- The tickets may not be resold, nor may they be given a commercial or promotional use.
IMPORTANT: If you purchase more than one E-Ticket, remember to show it separately from your cell phone. Each E-Ticket or Ticket has a unique barcode. Do not acquire or buy the E-Ticket or Tickets from resellers, since if there are several copies of the same E-Ticket or Tickets, access to the event will be denied. The E-Ticket and Ticket itself are non-transferable and the data contained in it must correspond to that of the person entering the stadium at that moment, which must also be verified with the identity card.
By purchasing an E-Ticket or Ticket via email, you agree that the amount corresponding to the purchase of the E-Ticket or Ticket will be charged from your credit, debit or checking account.
WARNING: If you misuse the E-ticket, tampering with it or printing more than one copy, in addition to not being able to enter the stadium, you will be given the right of admission for all the following matches that the Club organizes and also those that you play as visitors , since the ticket is associated with a single rut and a single income.

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Colo-Colo vs. Tickets Real Betis Sausalito Stadium, Vina del Mar – Vina del Mar