Chicharito: party in 2018 and the reason for the veto not admitted by the FMF

The relationship of Javier Hernandez with the Mexico National Team he went fracturing little by little since 2018, when the players got involved in a party on the night of June 2 of that year, before the delegation traveled to Denmark to play a friendly match prior to the World Cup in Russia.

On that occasion the players of the Mexican team attended a meeting in a house of The hills, which was rented for that purpose; to said property attended also some boy friends and girl friends of those selected.

What seemed like just a farewell party, and incidentally celebrating the birthday of Javier Hernandezdetonated in the breaking internal codes because of third parties, who were not invited to the party, but when they found out about the celebration they gave the ‘whistle’ to a famous entertainment magazine.

In this month of September Chicharito fulfilled three years without being summoned to Mexico National Team (in addition to the fact that today is 13 of his debut) and halftime makes known the possible explanation of estrangement of Hernández Balcázar of the team, according to the version of one of the attendees at said party.

According to this informant, the Body of security of Chicharito –and assigned by the Mexican Soccer Federation-, led by César García and Sergio Vázquez, were responsible for taking the Photographs of those selected receiving the attendees and that later appeared in a magazine, predominantly images of women.

“As they were not allowed access to these peoplethey went to their truck and from there they began to take photos with telephone, same as later appeared on the magazine”, the informant told halftime

These two security people of Hernández Balcázar were also in charge of ensuring the safety of the selected during rallies, but footballers were not satisfied with his behaviorsince they considered that they had a preference for Chicharito and his close ones.

First consequence of the party

Were time of the Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who along with the team was in Denmark, heading to the 2018 World Cup, when the event was announced. The first consequence was that Hector Herrera abandonment the concentration To “attend to family matters”, he was accompanied by Imanol Ibarrondo, then mental coach of the SNM.

During Herrera’s absence from the National Team, Javier Hernandez appeared in a Facebook Live to talk about the role of the security team that accompanied him; he confirmed that in party All those selected at the time were present, with the consent of the coaching staff.

Chicharito, out of the National Team

Of course, the members of the Security forces of Chicharito Hernandez were designated to be responsible for the filtration of the Photographs of that party, and for which Javier began to experience a distance with the group.

In addition to this, in March 2019during the first concentration headed by Gerardo Martino, Chicharito broke ranks (married in San Diego), in 2019 they denied a play the gold Cup (his first son had been born), the same year he organized a meeting (the brunch-gate) in time for a concentration in the city of Morristown, 40 kilometers from New Jersey, going against the tide of Martino’s wishes, who had opted for an environment of isolation and tranquility for the team. For that episode a collaborator of the National Team, named Andrés Mateos, was fired.

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At that time, the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, louis yonI declare that “It was a free time incident; As I mentioned with Tata, it is that even though it was in his free time, and they did not break the regulations because they all came to dinner, and they arrived in good condition, they were ready for the competition, the reality is that it was an incident that did not add up. She distracted us, and when she makes you question the famous ‘why and what for’, actually are things that do not owe us happensr”.

With all last match by Xavier Hernandez in the National Team of Mexico happened the September 6, 2019, against the United States; he scored his 52nd goal (21st minute), in a 3-0 victory. That, while Tata Martino has said over and over again that there is no declared veto against the most effective striker the National Team has ever had.

Tata Martino on Chicharito

What the coach Gerardo Martino has said is that “In the case of Javier, I have defined myself by other forward centers”; it is clear that if in three years it has not considered for the Mexican National Team, the Tata will not do it less than two months from Qatar World Cup 2022nor because the team is going through a crisis of goal production and injured forwards and in low game, while the 14 jersey continues to score with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

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Chicharito: party in 2018 and the reason for the veto not admitted by the FMF