Champions League 2021-22: This is how the groups were defined

Branislav Ivanovic and Michael Essien, former champions Chelsea figures, shaped the draw by pulling out the spheres

The UEFA Champions League Group Stage was defined this Thursday. There were 32 teams from Europe drawn, the same that will seek glory and that will give emotions from September to May next year, when two finalists meet in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the host city of the game for the title.

The draw began with an emotional moment, as the doctors of the selection of Denmark already Simon Kjaer, team member, with him UEFA President’s Award due to the reaction they had in the incident of Christian eriksen at Euro 2020, when the element fell victim to heart failure on the field.

Similarly, the paramedics involved in the incident and all those who provided timely attention to Eriksen, who was able to recover one hundred percent after an intervention and rest.

After the recognition and emotion, it was time for the draw, which was divided into four pots and in which it was established that no team can play against a team from the same federation.

Branislav Ivanovic and Michael Essien, former figures of champion Chelsea, participated in the ceremony and were the ones who defined the future of the 32 teams by taking out the famous ‘balls’.

One of the groups with the most attractive duels is A, since Manchester City and PSG star in the sector and the meeting between Lionel messi against Pep Guardiola he will raise many glances in the world. This in the absence of what happens to the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, who can arrive with the Citizens before the transfer market ends.

Interestingly, Group D was almost a carbon copy of what happened last season, as Real Madrid, Inter and Shakhtar Donetsk repeated their rivalry. The only difference was that Sheriff Tiraspol joined them.

Similarly, Group B presented an interesting proposal with Atlético de Madrid, Liverpool, Porto and Milan, in what can be one of the most complicated sectors.

Meanwhile, the current champion, Chelsea, will face Juventus, Zenit and Malmo.

Finally, the groups were as follows:

– Group A: Manchester City (ING), Paris Saint Germain (FRA), Leipzig (ALE), Club Brugge (BEL)

– B Group: Atlético Madrid (ESP), Liverpool (ING), Porto (POR), Milan (ITA)

– Group C: Sporting Club (POR), Borussia Dortmund (ALE), Ajax (NED), Besiktas (TUR)

– Group D: Inter Milan (ITA), Real Madrid (ESP), Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR), Sheriff (MOL)

– Group E: Bayern Munich (ALE), Barcelona (ESP), Benfica (POR), Dinamo Kiev (UKR)

– Group F: Villarreal (ESP), Manchester United (ING), Atalanta (ITA), Young Boys (SUI)

– Group G: Lille (FRA), Seville (ESP), Salzburg (AUT), Wolfsburg (ALE)

– Group H: Chelsea (ING), Juventus (ITA), Zenit Saint Petersburg (RUS), Malmoe (SWE)


Matchday 1: 14/15 September

Second day: 28/29 September

Third day: 19/20 October

Fourth day: 2/3 November

Fifth day: 23/24 November

Sixth day: 7/8 December.