Argentine players pushed security guard during celebration

The Argentina team once again entered the World Cup Semifinals, after dramatically Eliminate the Netherlands in a penalty shootout.

However, little has been said about the football aspect of the Argentines, since their triumph has been stained due to all the controversies that occurred after the final whistle.

First, Lionel Messi celebrated his goal against Louis van Gaal to his face, after in the previous one he criticized La Pulga. Later, Leandro Paredes hit the European bench with the ball, which caused a fight.

Lastly, after Lautaro Martínez’s final penalty, the Albiceleste players made fun of the Dutchwho lamented the elimination on the grass, in an image that went around the world.

However, the controversy did not end there, since a video came to light showing a painful attitude of the South Americans, who during their festivities, They attacked a stadium security officer.

In the images you can see how the players approach the stands to celebrate with their fans, but Lautaro and Exequiel Palacios push a guard from behind and he leaves the pitch.

What do you think of the action?

Why were there so many attacks?

In the run-up to the Quarterfinal game between the Netherlands and Argentina, Louis van Gaal, coach of the Europeans, He made several statements that the Argentines did not like.

During the match they made it known to their rivals, since they fought with everything for every ball and at every opportunity they had, they left a ‘souvenir’ for the Dutch.

Will Argentina have a sanction?

Despite the fact that it was revealed that a file was opened to the Argentines After what happened against the Netherlands, it is known that the repercussions that may have will not affect Lionel Scaloni’s squad, which is focused on the Semifinal duel against Croatia.

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Argentine players pushed security guard during celebration