6 phrases from Gallardo after River Plate’s win against the Board: the most difficult test, the moment of Julián Álvarez and, can Juanfer Quintero come back?

The analysis of the Doll after the great performance of its directed

“It was a very important victory, knowing that the Talleres result had put him back to four points and we needed to confirm on our field, with our people, the good work of the team. I’m very happy but, unfortunately, the saddest thing at the start of the game was Felipe’s injury. It is an enormous sadness, a boy who is very professional, who has been making merits to be in the place he was ”, as he analyzed Marcelo gallardo a bittersweet night for River plate. The 5-0 before Patronage in the Monumental it placed him seven units ahead of the T, with 15 up for grabs. But at the same time lost the youth due to injury Felipe Peña Biafore at the dawn of the match.

Indeed, the ligament injury in the right knee occurred at minute of play (Jonatan Maidana replaced him). A blow that could have been hard on his teammates. However, the Millionaire managed to abstract himself from the pain of the central marker (which can also act as a shuttlecock). “It is not easy to overcome situations like these, at the minute of the game. But we were able to open the scoring and before a proposal from the Board with a lot of concentration so as not to give us space, to try to prevent us from going inside and out, opening the game gave us peace of mind. I am happy for the victory and the result, but sad for this situation, which is not going to allow Felipe to finish this year with us ”, endorsed the Doll.

Injuries and casualties of different kinds were a constant in the semester. In fact, the coach was able to repeat the formation for the first time in 19 games. “I don’t stop to think about the reiteration of the team, I said it on other occasions, we had a lot of difficulties throughout this semester for a lot of reasons. Having gone through all that difficulty led us to have to make ourselves strong, from the preparation, the focus; when things like this come, you have to put your chest and push forward. It was one of the most difficult tests of all these years, not having the full roster is a difficulty, we went through the difficulty, we got the results and that gave us confidence. It was difficult and it will continue to be so, we drop players all the time”, He deepened.

Gallardo hands the ball to Enzo Fernández, one of the most prominent of his team


Julián Álvarez’s moment of grace: he scored four goals and has 15 in the tournament

“It is difficult to determine what is the moment in which you clicked, for a reason processes are called processes. You have to go through situations when you are young. He is an example for the other boys. We never rush the moments. Today he is at the point of maturity, in tremendous physical and football form. Its reality is being very good and it continues to be surpassing. It has a great projection. I am very happy for him”.

The internal competition that generates that all the footballers maintain high the level

“Internal competition is important to keep everyone motivated. The one who trains, the one who works and the one who doesn’t throw in the towel ends up playing here ”.

Is the return of Juanfer Quintero possible?

“We have a very nice relationship with him. I do not have social networks, I know that he has manifested himself there. It is a lie that we have talked about returns or departures because it is not our style. It’s not the moment”.

The goals festival that the Band put together before its audience


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6 phrases from Gallardo after River Plate’s win against the Board: the most difficult test, the moment of Julián Álvarez and, can Juanfer Quintero come back?