Umtiti does not swallow with the letter of freedom: “Thank you, but I fulfill my contract”

ANDhe Barcelona is going crazy to lighten the wage bill of the first team. A few days ago, unilaterally terminated the contract of Matheus Fernandes, that last season he barely played 17 seconds and didn’t count at all for Ronald Koeman. The next move has been to offer the freedom letter to Pjanic and Umtiti. To do this, he sent both a letter asking them to agree to terminate their contract.

“Given the current patrimonial situation of the club and that salary cap ratios cannot be met and other financial ratios, we give the player the option to terminate the contract and leave with the freedom letter. “This was roughly what the letter that the club sent to Pjanic and Umtiti said. They also indicated that this criticism financial situation was outside this directive. It is evident that the responsibility lay with the management of Bartomeu and his board and they wanted to make it clear.

Umtiti does not swallow with the letter of freedom Thank

What the club wants is that the players they will forgive what they have left to collect in Barcelona. And this is a real fortune. Pjanic has three seasons left on his contract and Umtiti two. I mean, the club wanted Pjanic to give up a few 50 million gross of the three years that remain and Umtiti to about 35. Obviously, the players have not swallowed with this request of the club. They have the signed contract and they know that wherever they go, no one will pay these amounts.

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Umtiti is preparing the response to the club with a clear message: “Thank you very much for the offer, but I fulfill my contract”. What the French will also do is seek solutions to this problem. This time He is not going to castle to stay at Barcelona, Rather, he’s willing to go out at the end of the summer.

He wants a chance for Koeman to assess whether or not it is valid for the first team. The defender is at a great physical level and believes that it could be useful to Barcelona. If not, look for an exit that would be in the form of a transfer and that for sports management is enough because it is already amortized.