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The world of cryptocurrencies became one of the great attractions of the 21st century. With an increasingly important technological advance, a UFC fighter made a drastic decision for his future work: he will collect his prizes in Bitcoin. Is about Matheus Nicholasa native of Brazil, who becomes the first Latin American athlete to take this position.

The economy mutated towards the intangible a few years ago and in some disciplines this type of situation has already been seen. In the world of football, some clubs have chosen to be adept at being title sponsors of certain clubs. In other cases, such as Serena Williams, they used it as a way to promote a more equitable economic world between men and women.

Perhaps the most resounding case that exists is that of Crypto.com, the company that was linked to some of the most important clubs in the NBA. At the start of the 75th season, he announced an agreement with the Los Angeles Lakers so that his stadium would go from Staples Center to Crypto.com Arena for two decades for a millionaire outlay. He also made it to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The case of the UFC

But on this occasion, the Latino public was the one who decided to make their way through the virtual wallet with the fighter from Belo Horizonte. “Making money the way I do is not easy. I bleed for him. It is an intense sport where everything is put at stake. While on the one hand I am constantly struggling, on the other hand I feel like my money is losing value. The solution is Bitcoin”, he confessed.

In addition, the Brazilian pointed out that he tries to generate profits with his new measure: “Stablecoins also help me receive payments from the UFC in dollars when I look for part of my salary to be in a less volatile asset.” On March 26 he will face David Dvorak, where he will have the luxury of receiving, together with his manager, Vinicius Las Casas, his fight purse in Bitcoin.

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UFC fighter becomes the first Latin American to collect in Bitcoin – El Intranews